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Need a decent build for a 140-160

By Reveration December 29, 2015, 08:31:06

Hey all, hope you're all having a beautiful day.

I've recently created an Iop and i'm so confused about what build to focus on. I used to have a level 85 agi iop back in the day, but now I guess everything has changed..

Any suggestions, I have approximately 5mk to put for her.

Thanks for the input biggrin

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You should go for either int, or str. Either one works fine with the SO and Moowolf sets respectively. Both sets are extremely good for their level range (140-145) and can potentially last till very late in the game (190s).

There is no clear cut winner as to which is better, each has their own pro's so it's up to you really. Personally I would go for int, simply because I prefer that playstyle and the fact that it's longer range overall. My own iop is Strength at the moment though, because I already have an int character.

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My Iop has been str since I started the game. Ive had my periods of quitting and coming back but from what I've found is that a str iop is a fairly simple build to play and you have a lot of set options in front of you.

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