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Iop Set and Spells (Lvl 122)

By xShelleyx February 21, 2016, 00:55:14

I recently returned to playing Dofus and want to change my lvl 122 Enu into an Iop but with all the changes that have happened i have no idea how to set my self up after the change;

Need help regarding what type of Iop (I hear Strength is the best?)
What Mount? (Cost etc)
What Set? (Costs aswell please, most likely going to buy ogrines)
What Spells to level (Dependent on the type of Iop of course)

Just need general info like this smile

P.S As a side note, Dofus seems to be a ridiculously less populated than before, maybe it's where ive been in the game for the short amount of time, but it seems like no one is around?

Thanks in advance!

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Came up with a 12/5 iop with about 820 strength,125 power, also total of 365 power with the iop's buff included. I contemplated on evening's razor 4 ap or pink claw 6 ap sword but decided to go with razor as final result because it goes well with 2 sword of iop or 3 concentration, razor, then intimidate enemy away while running; so it offers you lot of combos. You also get to do iops wrath charged in beginning turn and use it on 4th turn since you can jump + wrath.

Also realized that the belt is level 123 to equip, so you may need one more level.

Look at this link here for the set: ----> Click here Note that the gelano you should buy is ap/mp. All the stats are scrolled 100 so you will need to buy those as well or do dopples in amakna if you haven't yet already. The characteristic points are 300 strength base and 10 to vitality. If you wish to have more vitality, make it 200 strength base and 310 to vitality instead and switch vigour with miracle man.

The birdie you will equip is a kwyness and its pretty cheap between 300-700kk in pet's market.
The price of the entire 8 pieces including the trophies probably rounds up around 10mk or so? You will find the trophies at any artificer's market.
You want to level up concentration, pressure, intimidation, sword of iop, iops wrath, power, vitality, divine sword, poutch, jump, precipitation, and weapons skill for time being.

Don't know which server you chose, but all the english servers are very quiet around (France time) 5:00 to 14:00. The peak time of most activity I'd say about 16:00-21:00. If you reside in areas at astrub mines, fields, forest, inlet, other areas in amakna, etc. its usually no one there since everyone leveled up quite a bit. You will find people usually relaxing at astrub zaap, amakna village zaap, bonta zaap, bonta bank, frigost village zaap, frigost lonesome pine trails, frigost frozen lake, frigost icefields, kolossium building inside, and people looking at different markets at bonta/brakmar mainly. The population of servers go in order of Rushu, Rosal, Solar, Shika, and then Zato. The game has been losing people because of updates involving the difficulty of balancing classes and just not enough advertising of this wonderful platform to other areas of the world globally other than just France.

Hope this helps and happy gaming!

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