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Agi/int, Str/int, Agi/str iop

By xxownproxx - SUBSCRIBER - February 22, 2016, 15:20:29

I have an Iop level 175 and I was wondering which Iop builds are viable in pvm, i've been a fan of agi iop for some time now but seems like wrath is the way to go.
Really could use some tips.

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In my opinion, str is the way to go for PvM, mainly due to the nuking capabilities that comes with the str route (Wrath, Concentration etc).

Eventually, you should be aiming to go Str/Int for the Wrath/Sword of Fate to increase the damage output as these 2 spells are essential to an Iop's arsenal allowing teams to effectively and efficiently 1-turn nearly all the end game bosses.

Agi iops have much more mobility as they have more lock/dodge which is useful however they have a great mobility skill which is jump so agi is sort of inferior to the other 2 builds, especially in terms of skills as you only have Divine Sword and Celestial Sword to work with.

Str iops along with Int iops have a greater damage per turn output which is enhanced with the use of precipitation as a 12ap str iop can use Poutch + 2x Sword of Iop + Precipitation + 3 Concentrations in 1 turn compared to 2x celestial swords + precipitation + 2x divine swords for an agi iop.

tldr; Str iops are the way to go with an int hybrid. If you wanted, you could go omni (Agi/Str/Int) to further increase dps potential with Celestial Sword.

Hope this helps!

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I 2nd Yoaman's advice... I was a pure Strength build (I'm 99.9% PvM player) all the way until 190's, then I went with a Str/Agi hybrid with the Fuji set. It was amazing and fun, but once I hit 200 and switched to Str/Int... well, it was over! The Str/Int build for PvM is a beast! The gear available for this build also compliments the Iop well.


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Do you have any suggestions for an str/int build without spending too much..
I saw very good hybrid builds which cost around 95 mio kamas overall. But I would like to have a stable hybrid build for my 200 iop, which doesn´t cost too much.

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