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Best duo class with Iop?

By Madafaka1 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 25, 2016, 14:59:55

As the thread itself says... Heard various opinions, I really need help which class to take as a partner to Iop which would suit him the best

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I've heard Eliotrope is able to Duo most Dungeons with Iop, especially for mass Damage through Portals. And they can Heal, to some extent.

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Many years ago, i asked the same question! So i play combo IOP and Elio. Its a good combo but you definitly need to learn and master the basis or Portal first.

Sometimes class combination is solely depends on how fast your internet connection:

If you found yourself having issue with lagging, i suggest NO. Dont play combo Iop with elio. Because its require faster internet to unleash the combo and time to place the portal. In the end you'll be stressed due to poor gameplay.

Also, Sometimes class combination depends on what you aiming for:

For instant, some people prefer doing PvM content, some people prefer doing Kolo. Most do Both. But to bring out the best in what you wanna achieve for, its wise to pick good class combo for that purpose.

For PvM purpose:

  • Iop + Eni (Safest option, easy idols payo dynamo etc)
  • Iop + Elio (F2,F3 duotage)

For PvP/Kolo:
  • Iop + Eni (AP buff, Heal)
  • Iop + Sram (Wrath, Sword of Fate, Invisi Other)
  • Iop + Sac ( Coop, Transpo, Wrath)
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Well I've heard about elios a lot but to be honest I can't be arsed to learn them, they're too much of complexity to me and wouldn't really like spending time on learning how to master them; they don't seem even that amusing to me

I've heard also that Panda would work perfectly, would it?

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Any support or half-support class can be useful for Iop as along as the content is not very hardcore.
Elio was just suggested because Iop/Elio combo was proven doable in endgame lvl 200 dungeons like f3 or even dimension dungeons.
If you do easier contents like f2 or lower lvl range you can literally choose any other random class because Iops themselves are strong already.

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I get you, still there are few classes that I'd really like to try and seem interesting but yet still not sure how would they work in both pvm/pvp

rogue, fogger, panda

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I have seen an iop 1 turn people in kolo with iop/osa buffing but since osa is changing i guess this means nothing

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After the Eni revamp, Iop + Eni is very nice. Both in PvM and Kolo. Hardly need a third character on my kolo team when I've got a good eni, duo it all the way.

It also lets me take the better stats I can get from having 11/6 instead of 12/5 or 12/6, and be assured I'll have 13 AP thanks to the eni.

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