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Can Int or Agi compete?

By Klusio - SUBSCRIBER - September 13, 2016, 19:55:42

I'm playing an Iop, an int one and while I do just fine going around my business or playing PvP, it seems STR is intended to be 'the' build, they can pull much bigger numbers, can't they?
Is there a point playing INT or AGI (or int/agi) instead of STR in high level PvM?

Also, how exactly does Brokle work? I remember it used to increase all the rolls ON the target, but the description states it maximizes damage dealt BY the target. Did it change or is it some problem with translation?

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Brokle is ON the target.

As far as the builds go, str can pull bigger numbers, yes...but most pvm iops I know are hybrid. Usually between all elements. And I don't see a reason not to, since bypassing resistances by targeting a lower one is usually better. Also, wrath+fate is pretty good.

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STR/int is the go to endgame build so that you can take advantage of both charge spells (and also because there are really nice setups available for str/int builds...), but prior to level 200 the gear is a lot worse for multi elemental builds, so it makes sense to go pure str to take advantage of at least the best charge spell. The game and PvM especially are set up in a way that rewards blitz tactics in a big way, so it doesn't make much sense to not take advantage of your charge spells. Agility iops are still very strong damage dealers though so you could consider running one as a second iop over a lot of classes. Also the flexibility of int and agility spells, especially SoJ can make for a very strong PvP build.

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