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Looking for a build

By juNkieFTW#6367 November 08, 2016, 10:44:27

Hey guys, I am currently level 185 and leveling up quite fast, so I will soon need to update my gear(currently using Moowolf).
Can you give me your best suggestions for an endgame build (190+), I haven't decided yet if I want to go FULL STR or STR&INT, I will decide based on your suggestions.
I am mostly a fan of PvM, but I do PvPs too once in a while.
My budget is pretty good, so I should be able to afford quite everything (except big AP exos).

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I recommend strength/int. You can make use of both wrath and fate for very high damage, along with increased elemental flexibility.

I currently use (for 200):

Gein Hat
Gein Belt
Inky Veil
AP Bearbaric Band
MP Hairsh Bracelet
Cycloid Boots
Treadfast Amulet
Flinty Daggers

Crimson Dofus
Ochre Dofus
Major Vigour
Turquoise Dofus

You can probably get slightly better stats by using treadfast boots instead of cycloid, replacing gein belt with belteen (whale belt), and removing ochre dofus and replacing it with something else.

But of course you're not looking for 200 yet if you're going for 190ish. I was pure strength up until 200, so I can't say much about strength/intel.

Here's a strength/intel set that gives 4000+ vit, 1030 str/1131 int (counting power), 11/6 with no exos, 22 crits, and some good resists:

Joyous Seizers (198)
Missiz Freezz Hat (196)
Inky Veil (191)
Sleet Amulet (192)
Bearbaric Band (197)
Shabby Shoes (196)
Missiz Freezz Ring (198)
Henual's Belt (197)
Ginger/Golden Seemyool

Major Vigour
Ochre Dofus
Crimson Dofus

Could trade a little damage for a major miracle man as well if you wanted more vit.

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