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Dealing with Huppers

By cutemup - SUBSCRIBER - November 18, 2016, 02:43:13

Everytime i fight a hupper he or she shreds me like im made out of 1-ply toilet paper. Even at T1. Wat do? Cant run from these guys since they got strong mid range game and apparently deal more damage per turn than kralove on crack. Anyone wana shoot some knowledge my way?

Im a 11x iop fully geared for pvp with 2500hp. 65% agi 35% strength.

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Take advantage on their low mobility:
Their mobility is limited, since Jorney cooldown is 3 turns.They cannot do as much damage from distance, the spells have low base damage and doesn't do nearly as much damage as close combat ones. You can probably outdamage them with your long range spells.
Don't tank:
They can be pretty resistant with Elemental Shield while reducing your damage with Elemental Drain. If you try to tank them they are going to win due life steal from their spells.
Wait for your Iop's Wrath or Divine Sword:
They have no way to dodge that aside from increase their resistances, so as long as you keep yourself in range, they are going to get hit.
Don't summon:
Huppers can use your summons to create runes to generate buffs and increase their mobility allowing them to switch positions and telefrag.

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Thanks friend. your input is very much appreciated. ill put this to practice!

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