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Dealing with Enis

By cutemup - SUBSCRIBER - November 19, 2016, 10:08:14

How do you properly deal with an eniripsa which has gotten the Decisive Word buff (+250% power, +damages for 3 turns). I've seen these little buggers dish out over 1.5k in damages in 1 turn to anyone stupid enough to get close to them. But then again, we are iops and if we stay at a comfortable range away from its hard hitting spells then he or she will just keep healing him/her self. What's the best way to kill these folks?

P.S, Wrath cant one hit them since they usually have a health pool above wrath's damage, then next turn cast the massive heal spell.

Long story short: how can an iop effectively kill an eni when decisive word makes them hit as hard as us?

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Iop doesn't really have a big choice :p Main idea is still straight forward offence, kill before get killed.

And you mention wrath which top spell but you forgot Iops also have pressure aka erosion + fate, which deals more damage the more eroded the enemy is. Moreover erosion on enis also means less potential for its selfheal.

Vitality also saves your life when low hp and can let you survive few more turns with double stack allowing you to deal more damage before your death. Having Dokoko wih high vitality is also good.

And if you really want to withstand enis precisely, having higher %res also helps a lot to survive while you try to damage them as much as you can.

Depending on case it might be useful to have a long-range bow equipped to deal damage if eni is running away (for example catseye bow deals decent damage while also steals hp partially)

Lastly, try to improve your sets to naturally deal more damage, like exos or dofuses or new trophies.

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Thanks for the detailed reply, ill give the bow a try, ill see what i can manage with it.

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Maybe something like:

4,500+ Vitality.
30% to 50% Fire/Water/Air Resistances.
Catseye Bow (Long Ranged Weapon).
Pressure (x2) + Sword of Fate Method, as trololo stated.

However, this is for Level 200's and just noticed your Iop is Level 110+ after reading "Dealing with Huppers" Thread.

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