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Chance Iop?

By Almightyleg - SUBSCRIBER - December 07, 2017, 10:45:47

I would like to first point out that I am 99% PvM.

So I don't know if anyone has looked into this yet with new spell variants but how effective is a Chance Iop vs. all of the other Iop builds? Agility looks great and of course Strength you can't go wrong. I like to focus on one element primarily to have significant damage for the time being.

From what I am seeing, using Vitality with a combination of Virtue can make a Iop extremely tanky. Then followed by the other chance spells to build shields each turn and just rinse repeat with Vitality and Virtue. Of course you won't have much AP to attack but it would be difficult to take that down if the Iop's goal is to drag out the fight and slowly wear you down.

What do you guys think of this build and is it worth it or if I am going to be a chance build I should consider some other character? 

I appreciate the advice!

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From what I understand (correct me if i'm wrong) chance is a path for Iops looking to be more tanky. I'm better giving Xelor advice as that's my main class territory but I did play around with chance Iops a bit before the beta was released onto live.
Chance Iop didn't seem as hard hitting as other builds but that doesn't mean you can't make it work, every class can choose what ever ele they want now and yes there will be some paths that are more viable than others.
My advice would be to try out different builds over the next few days while the magical orb service is free and get a feel for what you enjoy. Also you could watch other Iops in kolo to see what people are running on them and how effective it is. (I know you mentioned you are 99% PvM but this still may be helpful)

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imo, chance build is full tanky, wich it can be grat with some str. nice survi and combo from wrath xD
anyway: best way to test is a beta server. u dont losing anythink. stats can be reset when u want xD and u dont losing money at regular server.

sorry for my bad english sad

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