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Iop's after 2.45

By majestyfromuganda - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - December 09, 2017, 21:16:56

Iop's after 2.45

I'm a str iop main for about 7 years maybe longer. Iop has been my favorite class since I started the game I loved the idea of big the big damage dealer, Hardest hitting class and also the whole style of the play being straight do tons of damage being our main role in teams. I have played a lot of other class to end game like enu, panda, eni, xelor before changes and recently elio. The before 2.45 changes I was unsure about weather to be excited or nervous. After today a week of playing this update this is my view on current iops. This is my prospective as a mainly str iop sometimes hybrid str/int or str/agi or all three depending on the situation(unlimited reset orb).

Iop's original spells have been hard nerfed and the variants are doing little to nothing to make up for the changes.
1) Iop's have lost poutch, now replaced with conquest summon that is situational on top of costing more 1ap more.
2) Precipitation now gives 1 less ap, iops being a class focused on damaging dealing 1ap less for when we have our big damage turns is a big deal. 
3) Duel changes making the target invul to long range and grip invul to all damage making it almost unusable for pvm since it was mostly used to buy time while finishing of a boss for the most part.
4) Sword of fate losing its erosion damage for pvp maybe it's not to big a deal but pvm that is a lot of damage seeing as most monster have a lot of health end game and you try to erode them since they might life steal of heal.
5)brokle completely removed, It was a situational spell but always came in handy for me or my team when we really wanted to kill something would make the difference between hoping you hit hard enough or some lucky crits or being able to kill something for sure.

I would also like to address change iops as a pvm mainly player i don't see any use or reason someone would want to play a chance iop.

Iop's are the attackers in the team the main damage dealers on any team there own but currently the new variants do little to nothing to compliment there style and I personally use one or two variants the main one being conquest but the other being zenith the rest remaining untouched. 

I know that you guys took a lot of time and put a lot of thought into every class as you were designing this big update but I would really like you to reconsider or take a second look at some of the nerfs or try to make some new variants that will compliment str and int iop's in pvm to make up for the nerfs. I know some of these nerfs are intended maybe you considered the pre 2.45 iop to strong. If that is the chase maybe find a middle ground and either revert some of the nerfs or give iops some stronger variants to make up for it in a way that still sticks to our identity. As a iop main and know most iop mains are str, We play this class because we love to do tons of damage and that be our mainly roll, we don't manipulate maps or do strategic things we just want to do damage. If we can't do that one well enough iops may as well be a different class because lots of other class that can more consistent damage and can also manipulate the opponent or support the team while they do that better than the iop. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this I I look forward to a responce.

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I feel 50-50. Immediately I noticed what you did - our spells were nerfed hard and the late game spells offer extremely little. In fact, I find the changes really lack luster now. On the other hand... Wasn't everyone else nerfed too? I know a Enu who is much weaker now too. I think it wasn't a case of Iops being nerfed, but rather everyone.

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i disagree i've fought alot of iops the past few days and they sure got stronger out of this update 

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What kind of iops did you face and I was mainly talking about pvm iops not pvp iops.

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