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new (str) iop are extremely weak

By FinalHour - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 30, 2018, 17:52:04

strenght Iops after 2.45 are extremely weak. i am lvl 170 iop. 3500 hp, 900 str, 6/11 I`m doing pve and pvp. I will talk with the perspective of str iop.
Most of the time str iop gets useless because of the multitude of variables.

Lack of range. Skills that are used have small range that are not modifiable(lmao the design choice) and are linear only. Add in the abysmal damage it has and you will feel how useless strenght based iop get. Being forced to waste 5 ap every round so you can jump reach an enemy gets old fast and is obnoxious. Why was the range on sword of iop nerfed again?

0 sustain skills. There is absolutely no way to sustain with strenght iop. Vitality spell is not sustain. Combined with the horrible range they have it gets really frustrating. Why does a class with no range have no sustaining skills? What is the logic behind this lol. Meanwhile enu throws 1 shovel at his bag and gets healed to full.

Absolutely horrible damage. As a damager role the damage is laughable. Yeah i get it wrath hits hard but besides this skill strenght iop have horrendous damage. After 2.45 nearly all other classes have similar or more damage at 3-4x the range. If u can`t pull of wrath you will get out damaged by 75% of the class roster. In pvp this is even worse. Standing in front of enemies to trade damage only to get outdamaged by 50 lvls lower sac, hupper or whatever shows how flawed ankama balance team is.


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I'm level 166 with less str and I'm doing pretty well in pvp and pve, mostly pvp. I have 12/6 though but I think you just suck at being an iop. Use your brain that's all I gotta say. If not, class change out of our iop temple.

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When an iop hits you for 3200+ without even using all his AP and doesn't have alot of buffs thats now when i have the feeling, ohh Iop is weak

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then you have shit resistance

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