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Class Improvement - Iop

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - February 20, 2019, 17:57:55
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Iops needs more damage? ahahahhahahaha

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Power skills need change or buff. 3 ap and 2 turn. This effect is using turn and next turn. If you hit by - effect duration your buff is gone. For exemple Eliotrope's Snub . So strong skills. Other classes have -effect too.

Again me. Iop buffs need buff. Vitality skill is need more turn or 
permanent. - Effect duration skills absolutely powerfull aganist iop..  For example Eliotope's Snub. Using 2x one turn - 2 effect gg. And hit around 1k avarage.. So powerfull....

hi, where is english changelog for iop? I cant find . I heard new erosion spell.

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So here's my thoughts on Iop currently.
Violence - Pointless, sure Lock is nice on occasion but bonus to pushback damage when we only have one pushback spell unless you count Release is ridiculous and an attraction of only 1 square, I don't think anyone ever takes it over Blow.
Water build, the shield generation is silly, you can accumulate just over 800 shield points if you blow through all your ap on 3 ap spells (Not including team buffs/dofus procs) or less if you use 4ap spells and I don't see any class or boss monster being able to hit under 800 in a single attack much less a turn.
What I would like to see is the Water build a team support class with potentially higher shield generation and/or the ability to use the spells on allies to bestow shield points on them,maybe even at a lesser/greater level.

And last but not least my own personal peeve, Agility Iop and Sword of Judgement/Condemnation.
Make Sword of Judgement a single damage air attack with secondary effects and Condemnation deal higher air damage.
Also more love to Water/Air Iop in general,because I've watched countless Kolossium fights both 1v1 and 3v3 and every single Iop I have seen has been either Fire or Earth.
Now doesn't that speak volumes about the state of the other builds?
Oh and Health steal!
Iop is probably the only class that doesn't have a health stealing spell despite being a low to mid range attacker at best.

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Iop is a terrible joke right now . As i see the graph , it was supposed  to get a little dmg buff but instead tumult got nerfed  and that is it about the dmg . We got new spell 30 % ero as variant of vitality and everything else is old. At the moment iop is one of the worst class if not the worst class to play. 0 heals,0 debufs, our buffs are usually 2 turns so  easy to remove with other spells and our dmg is  not  even close to being the '' best '' dmg dealing class . Please fix the class because at the moment it is useless !!!

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Okay, been an Iop ever since they removed a sac's ability to Dissolution x2, so a few years now. We hit hard, and for a time, we hit the hardest. But a load of classes hit harder now, people are mentioning eca and Ougi's as being the new iops, and the eca's power spell out-powering an Iops? thats just silly. You should see an Iop and KNOW that he is gonna hit the hardest..

As i mentioned, I play as an Iop, I love doing the Quests, but as a Strength Iop im stuck on Lvl 200 Quests because 1v8 is honestly just devastating for a class which has ZERO survivability, I remember even trying the SoJ route because it was our only life steal means, but i just couldnt hit hard enough, i havent tried the chance route yet with shields, because i dont have a spare set lying around. I can kill enemies quickly yes, but when theres 6-8 enemies that all have effects and high damage hitting your 5k hp, your still gonna die before them. I've had my Sadi and Eni get farther in Quests solo, and their sets wouldnt be half as good as my Iops. Its sad, and frustrating, because i enjoy being an Iop.

In conclusion : Give us some life steal. Or a healing spell.. I think every class can heal itself somehow, except Iops. It doesnt have to be a crazy amount, just a bit... Thanks smile

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Edit : Quests where you have to protect someone (Dimensions) are *******horrific when all you can do is give them your Vitality and watch them run in head first. As a sadi alt i just trapped them in trees and took my time, or my eni could at least keep them healed, but Iops. Have. Nothing.

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compared to eca, iops have truly been hit the hardest...with the broken promises from ankama

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Make it more similar to Wakfu's Iop, where there's a bigger assortment of utility and buffs instead of just "me hit thing until it die" gameplay.

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Like I said a few months back. Revert SoJ back to its old state. It was the only way an Iop could restore its HP. Every class has that ability but us. We are literally useless in any scenario against anyone with a little lifesteal.

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Iops should have reduced mobility and increased damage. Friction is overpowered, jump is overpowered, outpouring is overpowered. These mobility tools are limiting the balancing team to where giving Iop damage is outright impossible.
You need to understand what the players who choose iop from lvl 1 want. We want the best damage in the game no matter the cost. If we really wanted sustain we would go to the already established sustain melee classes.

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