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Strength Iop: Wrath or Fit of Rage? Pygmachia or Sword of Iop?

By KingAchelexus - SUBSCRIBER - October 09, 2019, 14:04:53

As the title says, in which situations is either of them better? Both for PvP and PvE.

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I change my variants based on the fight. If you're new to Iop, learning which spells are better for different situations is something you'll learn with experience, but all of those spells have their moments to shine.

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I personally like using fit of rage all the time for both pvm and pvp now because the ap cost is very friendly and the amount of damage it can do if you keep it around has incredible value. Iop's wrath I feel is not really realistic especially in pvp and you pretty much have to pray that you get lucky on landing it. For pvm, it definitely works but takes a while for it to come off and mainly you would use it on the boss. I don't like how it has high ap requirements. Pygmachia is usually bad in 1 v 1 pvp and I can only see it really working on a sadida because of many trees and dolls on the field maybe osa but still kind of sketchy. It can work in 3 v 3 situations but in 5 v 5 is where it really shines. Most people will reset the map and have the iop go first which then takes about half or more of the enemy's group hp which is huge. You could use it in pvm also but is probably best to use it when all the monsters are very close to each other and iop going first or second at the very least. Sword of iop you honestly can't go wrong with it either aspect. The range and area of effect is consistent and reliable and you won't ever be stuck in a situation where you could only use one pygmachia because nothing else around was available. I'd use it probably in almost all situations.

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