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Iops duel

By oby2#8978 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - September 24, 2022, 16:34:04
The spells gathering, duel, blow and wrath seem to be a persistent tactic played in pvp, its game over as soon as they use duel sometimes I get lucky and have been able to work around it but I shouldn't really have to keep relying on luck in a game that is designed to give you options to avoid such scenarios I think it is an over powered combination that anyone can use even in the worst kinds of sets and still win if there is easy ways to avoid being dueled i would love to know, thanks.
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You should get a friend with an iop to practice against.
Most people i fight (115) have release, that in combination with another knockback spell, an ap/ mp debuff,  -1 duration effect and or shielding/ protection abilities are more than enough to thwart a positioning-spell/wrath combo.
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So everyone should go ap/mp removal, have release spell which doesn't do much anyway and most iops use blow right after -100mp, you then have very few options against something that can gain more ap after using wrath, practising for that isn't going to work for everyone.
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