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Iop need more damage .

By LuftIop#6056 - SUBSCRIBER - March 13, 2023, 15:21:31
Iop can  only do damage on short range .
But a xelor make more damage , more Range,is more save  and has more Control

ok xelor ja broken af  but  same eq:

4 so iops swort  buffed =312 damage
sram 4 ap  damage spell= 370 damage
ecapflip terre 4 ap spell =600 damage 

( with my terre eq)

sram ist Range,invisible, save and can  win  1vs3

Eca  has  range  heal shilds Mobility 

Buff iop pls  .

this Balancing ist bad like the League of legends Balanced ( Buff my yasuo pls ) 
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Iops are supposed to be Close Combat.
Invest in decent gear, a pet or mount and scroll everything,
use Jump to move around and other attracting spells like Gathering or Friction,
and buff yourself!
Iops have some pretty good spells to buff themselves during a fight. Buff with Power then use Precipitation for extra AP.
No point charging in to a fight if you arent going to utilise the spells designed to do what you want Ankama to do for you.

If you want range, duo with another character or Sidekick.
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Specifically, duo with an elio happy
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