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Enty end game build.

By July 12, 2012, 10:51:48

"Venerable Professor Xa's Lucky set"

A chance Ent based on the Venerable set and Xa's. All parts are based on basic stats listed in the wikia. Nothing has been added to make them stronger through their creation(if that can be done).

It uses full Venerable with the ammulet ring and shovel from Xa's. It also uses Almond/Ivory mount and Cawwat,Crimson,Vulbis,Turquoise,Ochre,Major Player dofus slot items. If you have to have 5MP and not the less than or equal to 6 I was thinking just swap out the +1mp dofus for something else. I'm sure that opens a lot of options up.

I calculated it would have the following stats. Including stat bonuses. If you get to 350 wisdom without stats I used full Charisma. Also It requires full scrolling to get theses numbers. Must scroll wisdom the rest are technically optional but I used full scroll for these numbers.

Vit: 2539-2686
Wis: 333-351*must get full 350 or you must sacrifice chance.
Str: 303-331
Int: 303-331
Cha: 645-673
Agi: 201
+63-70%(+20)*I combines multiple +damage % stats here. Not sure if that is correct. All stats with % are added so if that is incorrect they have to be adjusted.
Power: +50%
PP: 253-277
Sum: +2
AP: +3
MP: +3
Range: +3
Heal: +303-331%(+27-30)
Dodge: 38-41
PushBackres?: 7-10
Initiative: 2352-2634
Crit Res: 16-25
Crit Hit: 35-55
AP Res: 49-51
MP Res: 35
Lock: 20

It's not a complex build but I was wondering how it faired out.

Spellswise I would probably get the normal spells from the chance build. Water based damage and MP sucking etc.

Would all of the +damage from non water elements add onto a spell like Toss Coin? or only the ones already applicable? Would it be multispectral or just water+generic damage? for instance.

Is this good for general play and PVP? or is it weak in whatever areas?

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The venerable set offers some pretty neat bonuses but still that honestly looks pretty weak to me. I would recommend Undergrowth Set + Mopy King Soverign Set + Minotot Necklace + Gelano. That combo gives my enu about 800 chance and 500 wisdom, but also importantly +5 range. That allows me to have an enu which has slaughtering shovel range like a cra. And with an MP/prospecting mount I can still have about 430 prospecting.

The high wisdom not only makes my enu level fast, but when combined with MP reduction trophies it makes my enu extremely good at reducing MP as well.

By no means do I think this is the best set ever, but it is quite cheap since most of the elements are 150-170. I'm not going to change anything about it until I can get my enu into full Danathor set. Check out the equips if you think it might interest you:

Click here

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How much damage do you do with slaughtering shovel?

I'm not sure if I'm calculating damage right but I got:
Coin throwing: average 600/1150 crit, 15 range mp3
Slaughtering Shovel: Average 900/1650 crit, 10range mp5.
Shovel of Judgement: Average 770/1266 crit, 10range mp4

Without any bonuses from fortune or pandoras box. though I have no idea if I'm calculating teh damage correctly. I just added all the bonuses from above and multiplied by the multiplier plus 1. Also when I put the water bonuse and power and regulard damage they have to be added together still. I wasn't sure how to add power. I'm assuming just ad 50%. And the 20 damage is damage to anything. It's not neutral it's unassociated from the venerable. I though that made up for the damage loss from stats. 8) Though, again, I have no idea if I'm calculating any of it right.

Coin Throwing example:
(1-8)+10(Ven bonus)+20(Ven generic damage bonus)+35(max water damage bonus overall)= 66-72= 69 average damage. I added all %bonuses(maxed in this case) 673(stats)+70(generic damage%)+50%(powerbonus*you can add more power by replacing the 1mp dofus)= 793 or 8.9 or 9 multipler. I actually used 8.5 above so it should be adjusted.

that would make 69 times 9 or 621 average hit per coin throw. Am I calculating that correctly?

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Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you are writing but it looks like you are adding +water damage and the plus damage from the venerable set onto the base damage and then multiplying the base damage by the stat modifier.

Sadly that is not how it works. Plus water damage and the set bonus is added on after the fact. So what you really get is 8-10 base damage * (chance / 100) * (power / 100) + (extra linear damage from the set).

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Class sets tbh, have no place in endgame play.

The damage you calcuclated was unfortunately wrong, i wish you could get a 600 coins... XD i do. coins would do a max of like 170 damage(on a crit) in that set.

in every way it simply doesnt measure up to any decent endgame set, hell even the mid level sovereign and Ug is much more desirable.

if you want something to work for in endgame go danathor with kimbos, korri ring, omg, ougaamer, cb cloak, and plum/em. 3800 vit, 10/5 and 1/2 on 50 with a 15 turq and some very nice damage.

1k crit on ougaamer, 305 crit on coins, 379 on SOJ, and 748 SS. aggrivating dags work nice as well, only would need an 12 turq for that, and you would be smashing like 800ish on a crit

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They should reverse that. my way is better. 8p

Oh well, back to the drawing board.

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It would suck ass. Wisdom is far more important than Chance, and almost nobody has a Vulbis, so unless you actually own one, never ever put one in a set. There are 3 on my entire server. 3. That's it. For a pretty cheap endgame set, considering most people won't have Ochres nor Crimsons either, this would be optimal:

Click here

230 Chance base, rest Wisdom. Fully scrolled. Nearly 3.8k HP, 10AP, 5MP, 3 range, 102 MP Removal. Coins Throwing hits 128 to 191 and 264 on a crit. Shovel of Judgement hits 228 to 301 and 255 to 328 on a crit. Slaughtering Shovel hits 528 to 574 and 601 to 646 on a crit. CC hits 610 to 765 and 742 to 897 on a crit, with 81 to 87 heals and 103 to 109 on a crit. 703 Wisdom too. Much much harder hits and far more Wisdom and MP removal, and only requires a 16 Turq. Cheap and effective.

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I know the solution! 8p

They go to the final fantasy 6 model and actually have them throw the amount from your real kamas on hand. 8D then they calculate it my way for big but expensive damage!(Just for Coin Throwing. Nothing else.)

And to be more fair, if needed, they could make it take out it's max damage of coins before any res. so you spend a lot but have to do it smart or you loose money fast.

HMMM... maybe if you win you get half money back(or a number based on your PP) but if you lose you get nothing. And crits cost nothing!(maybe if you run out of money it reverts to the old damage calcs. it would even give enemies an idea of when you run out of money in a fight if it ever happens)

could be cool. You'd feel amazing when you get back 10k kama after a fight. But then you'd feel bad realizing you spend 9900 on throws. 8p This would be the definition of a true Chance enty. He would actualy need his PP and chance for combat longevity. Would allow them power while counterbalancing them a bit in the environment.

I mean, hey, if you are going to throw your money around you should feel the consequences right?

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Haha yeah I suggested this. However, I suggested that you be allowed to pick an amount to throw. So you can throw say 20 coins per hit, 100 coins per hit, or 500 coins per hit, with each greater amount of money doing a bit more base damage. It would be interesting but would highly favor the high level super rich enu alts. tongue 

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What about for levels 150-180? Is Sovereign Set plus bits of minotot best?

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