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Lichen's feedback for Enus

By Disgustus October 13, 2012, 02:39:23

I'm sure the Iop players were happy to see their class get some attention in the 2.8 update, but I'm sure plenty of other players agree with me that there are other classes which needed the attention even more than the Iop. Lichen said in his own words that the Iop is a balanced class, so I'm confused why he didn't spend the time revising other classes such as the Enutrof who could really use the attention. I contacted Lichen about this and this was his reply to me:

Hello, I'm sorry but we are not working on the Enutrof class now, so I don't have a very clear vision to share about what we will change and improve with this class.I think that the class is fine, it doesn't need a massive overall change. Some spells are not played enough, some are outdated in the way they work or perform and they should be changed.I have already write something about this (sorry it's in french) here :Click here quite old, but the class doesn't have changed much since this message. Best regards, lichen

Can a Francophone please translate his comments regarding the Enutrof and post them either in the Enutrof forum or else in the Enutrof class balancing thread on the Zenith forum? I don't speak French, and because there's so much Dofus jargon in his reply I can't use an automatic translator to get anything that isn't a serious puzzle. I'm also puzzled by his reply that he thinks the class "is fine" and "doesn't need a massive overall change" when he's stated several times that he his indeed planning a massive overall change to the class (removing the PP bonus, removing the extra loot roll from the Living Chest, and buffing the Enutrof's combat abilities.) What's going on here? This feels like an example of, "Were you fibbing then, or are you fibbing now?" I really don't know what to think.

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Just use google translate. You can understand the gist of most of what they are talking about.

Edit: From what I can tell, Lichen thinks Enu should play to it's strengths. Keeping the enemy at bay with it's -MP and +MP spells. It would be too overpowered if the Enu was strong in CC AND strong in long range.

I think he hasn't seen the full picture yet. They design Enu's around keeping the enemy at a distance, but they also design small Kolo maps. They have given nearly every class a strong ability that doesn't require LoS. This allows them to hide behind objects and prevent us from doing any range damage (Shovel kiss is a joke, so don't bother mentioning it. You're actually kissing the enemy, not hitting them). Not to mention Iops 'Jump' spell isn't affected by Reducing Key and doesn't require LoS.

In addition, if they want us to keep the enemy at range, why is Judgement reliant on critical hits.

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I am fluent in both English and French. I have read over most of the thread, it is quite long and detailed regarding many of the more subtle elements of game-play, mostly in regards to PvP. Here is my summary:

-many players believe Enus are simply drop machines (you will notice the word "muladrop" alot, a combination of Mule and Drop).
-much of the debate focused on Shovels as weapons, the viability of non-standard elements, the AI of Living Shovel, and the usefulness of pandora's box.
-most players feel the class is too weak at short range, or that it is unable to profit from extra MP, AP, and range to a degree that other classes can.
-there was a lot of talk about playing with a full crit build (1/2) and how some players believe it is the only way to compete with other classes.

Lichen responded in detail about most points. In general, he agreed that not everything was perfect but that, for the most part, Enus are exactly as they are intended to be. He pointed out that the class has several spells to keep an enemy at range and that an Enu should avoid close-combat at all costs. He felt that removing buffs with ghostly shovel should not be a reliable tactic. It seems that the Devs view the Enutrof as a support class, and that while they admit many of the spells need to be reworked(especially earth/air spells), Lichen also says that they do not have time to work on the class to find solutions, so they give small buffs to try and improve said spells. (Nous avons voulu les faire évoluer progressivement, nous n'avions pas beaucoup de temps à y consacrer, entre ne rien faire et proposer une augmentation modérée mais sans risque des dommages, nous avons privilégié la deuxième solution.)

*Please bare in mind that the source topic was posted almost 3 years ago, and that it has been necroed many times, thus; some of the information might not seem pertinent given the many patches which have been applied since its origin.

What I got from reading the topic? Enus will not change that much, and not anytime soon. My personal opinion regarding enus? Any chance build can drop loot. All other classes have solid utility in PvM and PvP. The Enu, IMO, is good at one thing and one thing only; cast box, pass turn. Pick another class unless you want a muladrop tongue 

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*duck quack*

Click here

Said post was translated at your request earlier this month happy 

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Another thing about Enu problems is the Living Bag change. We used to be able to use it to escape lock situations. Now we only have one ability to get ourselves out of lock. That ability being Release.

Edit: So because balancing Enu's is hard, they aren't going to bother spending any time on the class. That's great to hear.

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