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next set for a chance enu

By charleyxx#2551 February 19, 2013, 21:59:21
As a lvl 120 enu in anc set what should my next set be?

money isn't really an issue as long as its not some crazy 5mk items...

im looking to do kolo and some pvm

i kolo with an eni and iop and so with 12ap and buffs i can hit good with shovels kiss (maybe 350 per turn) which is obviously a great help, so any gear with intelligence or fire dmg on it would be greatly appreciated smile

thanks in advance for any replies
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There's something I do not understand. You are wearing an anc set that gives str and chance, but use int spells.. Is this me or does this sound weird?
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sorry for the confusion, i am mainly chance but there are ofcourse turns where you can't hit anyone cos everyones in cover, but shovels kiss goes throught cover so and the other characters in my team allow me to hit pretty high doing this, however im not gonna wear a int set just for that specific circumstance over anc set
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next set you should try for is the minotot set nice chance and int along with power
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Minotot is quite nice and if you are slow to make money, now is a good time to start working towards it. =)
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