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Cato's Guild Topic (Undecided name-- Chance to earn !)

By CatOcatastrophe July 27, 2007, 08:35:20

Hello community - I just bought my very first GuildOgem. Now> to decide a name...

  • I'm giving 50,000 to the person, who helps me decide upon a name.

(Now, I've got a name I may be sticking with, that will go unannounced, but do share your ideas !) =)

I plan to not turn down anyone, who asks to join this. Not a soul, if it can be helped.
(Nearly after two long years - I'll be finally starting my own guild.)

Hope to be hearing your ideas.
/counting down the time

(I also would like to announce, that I plan on holding a Bwak event. Details later.)

Edit: I'd like to come up with a name, within the week or two, it all depends, though. =)

Edit x2: Don't worry Fantasy - I plan on remaining with you. I will be dual-accounting.

  • Cato
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I will go with something simple and easy to remember, but also elegant and respectable. I have the perfect name for it.


The meaning of it? Well, it's up to your own interpretation.

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Well Done Cato! I would say

__Kaiser Chiefs

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Gz mate. You could always call it catastrophe :p

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You could name it Jelly Beans x)

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Nubcake;, plain, simple, funny, AWSOME!

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give me a theme and I'll craft you a proper guild name.

are you doing a RP guild, a craft guild, a language guild? It's very easy to create names, if you try just a little bit.

for example, if you were doing a commercial guild, you could start with the Hanseatic League, which was a famous, real life, guild and tweak the name until you get something you like. Or you could base it on their competitors, the Medicis.

there is one on your own nick:
it's close to your nick AND it's a disguised reference to the Thundercats, which is uber cool. Well, if you're old enough to know them, I guess :-P

(And no, "Thundercats" would just be lame. It would be like calling your guild Legolas, when all it takes is to write it Salogel, or Sol Gael, or ... )

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fibojo - I had been planing on an RP guild, to promote the Alignment "Seriane-Kerm".

"Stratocats" sounds interesting - but let's not discourage the others, just yet. =)

"Aristocats"(Aristocratic) was also mentioned, here.

Do keep the ideas coming-- Also asking for ideas, from organizations, from famous TV series.

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Could always call the guild Catnip >_>

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Elevate orPersuassionor Incorporated hehehe i hope you like them

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ROS - The Rulers of Shika! ^^
The Imortals
Real Deal..
:p chose me pl0x! >

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Death's Angels
The Imperial Army
Cute Cats smile
The Cat Corporation

P.S. More!!

The Elite
Defenders League

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"Aristocats" is funny alright, but it's the name of a Disney cartoon, so it sucks if you use it "as is" (IMHO).

Neko Kataristo? Sounds a bit greek...

Roneko it's a play on words on "Ronin", which means mercenary (kinda) in japanese. the "nin" part means "man", so I replace it with "neko" for "cat"

Wazawai meaning "catastrophe" or "calamity" in Japanese. And it sounds awesome, too :-)

"kaimetsu" also means "catastrophe" but with an emphasis on "destruction, devastation, annihilation" rather than bad luck. Pretty bad stuff.
But you could then go for "Kaimetsu no neko", then, which would mean something like "Cat of the Apocalypse" (in a, bringer of the end of the world, kinda cat).

... see, and that just took me five minutes to look up :-P (although I offer no guarantees, since I dont speak JApanese, eh)

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I like the idea of something powerful enough to strike fear in to those who cross your path while also showing a calm natured side to those who are with you. Get a name that does all this while sounding simple and not far fetched and you are on to a winner....

The Alliance

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I would suggest Blank (with same logo as the rushu 1) , raising fast guild and be one of the greatest in Shika! me personally i can enter and give lots of xp (lvl 43 feca, name Perrin-Goldeneyes) :p

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Hey i have a few actually =P

  • Epic-
  • Blame The Healers-
  • Kamikaze Squirrels-
  • Not Teh Face-
  • Cato's Courageous Crowd-

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Hmm, How about : 'Rising sun'? (Or 'Rising ' )

  • Moony
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1. Valour
2. Spheric
3. Dofiction
4. Blazzic
5. Flaunt
6. Catistic
7. Tofunk
8. Thee Guild
9. Shikarize
10. Neoflux
11. Lux-Flux (Luxflux)
12. Orbzile
13. Catflip
14. Enterprise
15. Undecided
16. Mayflix
17. Darkinx
18. Piztop
19. Riskitz
20. Adversers
21. Overseers
22. Abduction
23. Pinkrockz
24. Elitoop
25. Right To Fight
26. Entrepreneurs
27. Casto
28. Play The Field
29. Demi
30. ParkLife
31. Shika Citizens

Okay, so here's a few... there just random names i made up... cato i don't want a reward, just helpingout a fellow player happy


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