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A question regarding perceptors.

By EpicKittyKat - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 22, 2009, 00:49:09

Frankly I'm curious how multiple perceptors are earned for a guild.

This is because I have seen guilds at level 6 with multiple perceptors and have been in ones higher with only one perceptor.

Is there some system or way to purchase them, or was this just a glitch/hack for a low level guild to have multiple percs?

Thanks in advance smile

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Quite simply, it depends on how the guild decides to level percs. When the guild level increases, those in the guild with the appropriate rights can choose to either level the spells of the perc or increase the number of percs available.

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Indeed, for every level the guild gains, you have 5 points to spend on the perceptor. I think a spell is 5 points for 1 level, extra perceptors are 10 points and then you have wisdom, prospecting and pods which are 1:1.

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