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[News] A Festive Weekend Predicted for 22 Servers

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - December 17, 2009, 10:24:47
During the event "Grozilla and Grasmera: Invasion of the Sauroshells," the servers Shika, Rushu, Rykke-Errel, Djaul, Jiva, Alma, Pouchecot, Silouate, Hécate, Rosal, Brumaire, Aldorado, Domen, Goultard, Ménalt, Raval, Maimane, Lily, Amayiro, Silvosse, Aguabrial and Sumens earned a weekend of event rewards.

We gave you several options for this weekend, then let you choose your favorite. You chose December 19th and 20th! The players of these servers will be able to experience their reward starting at Friday, December 18th at 17:30 (DOFUS time) until Monday, December 21st at 9am (DOFUS time)!

Reward Reminder:

Shika wins a weekend where experience and loot will be multiplied by 2.
Rushu and Rykke-Errel win a weekend where experience will be multiplied by 2.
Djaul and Jiva win a weekend where experience will be multiplied by 1.5.
All 22 servers win a weekend of free, unlimited access to the Dreggon Dungeon.

Don't be late, the victory fun starts on Friday the 18th at 17:30 (DOFUS time)!
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While the weekend isn't a good one for me, I'll try to spend the half day on Saturday that I have at my disposal dropping half a dozen Vulbis dofuses. biggrin

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Not a great weekend for me either, but will be spending my little free time making the most of the xp bonus ^^


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