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[EVENT] Gobbowl World Cup Contest Submission Thread

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - June 08, 2010, 11:03:36

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This year's championships were held Gobbowl in Brakmar. The preparations took place without a problem, but for a time.
One day came a mysterious man who wanted to see the ruler Brakmar. He was excited and scared. He told of the strange ice island, which appeared recently. People called it Frigost. With the emergence of the island disappeared under mysterious circumstances all teams Gobbowl. Ruler sent a team of researchers on Frigost. It turned out that this island was created by the gods was the occasion of the upcoming championships, and some matches is already finite. […]Current score is 1-0. Brakmar has little time to recover losses... Bonta is not defeated. You can hear the whistle indicating the end of the match. Bonta won!! Fans are happy, and Brakmar can not accept defeat.
This is the end of the championships, but people will long remember them. The island is now a tourist attraction.

Sorry for my English but I just learn it.

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I had no intention of posting this here. I thought I had posted it in the international forum. I was instructed by a moderator to strike this and post my regards, please excuse/disreguard this post.

We continued to talk about strategy, but then a large rush of heat entranced our bodies. I looked outside the carriage and all I could make out was the hard stones beneath us, and a horrible stench that smelt like my grandma’s socks. Everything else was captured by the aggressive light illuminating from surrounding lava.

I stuck my head back only to look at faces of my two companions, which were now silent. ‘Devilchu was an ok warrior who never left the side of her love warhead. Until one night at the end of the game, only she was able to escape. Since then she would never speak until her love was avenged. I guess that’s why she decided to join our team.’ I turned to my last companion. ‘I called him Old-guard; I felt his name was most suited for him. He was the oldest of us two, and he had this wisdom that one could not explain but feel protected over it. Of course I was better than both of them.’

Suddenly I saw a bloody hand grab me by the shirt, and the next thing I felt was the hot stone floor. “Ouch! My face is burning! Oh my god I’m!” Suddenly the silence between the two was broken as Old-guard interrupted. “She was tired of waiting on you. I called your name several times and you didn’t...”

As he spoke his voice became faded out by the screams of an audience near us, and my surrounding became very clear. “Whoa.” I Interrupted. “Alright you little tofu lickin’, bass wiping, son of a witch! Welcam’ to da final round of Gobbowl world cup. You gotten’ ten minutes to get readin’. Got it yak little wabbits!”

“Yeah we got it.” I said to the bwork ref, looking straight into his biased heart. He brought us to a smelly locker room, and then left us. It was silent again. ‘I suppose it’s because everyone knows the losing team of the last game will face death.’ Then the stone wall opened and a loud sound of boos filled our ears. “To the left of the stadium we have the Bontarians!” We walked out and didn’t bother to wave as we locked our eyes at the filthy Braks.

Then we began playing. I then raised my hand in the air and used my physic powers to kill the filthy Braks!

“And that’s when I got my first kiss from Devilchu and won the entire Gobbowl cup in an instant!” I said proudly to my friends, while we waited for the actual tournament to start. “That is the worst Gobbowl story I’ve ever heard!” My wimpy friend Zest said. “As if I would ever kiss you!” Devilchu said. “I’ll tell you a real good one that actually happened!” Zest said standing up looking at us. “If it’s about you beating David Deckhand in gobbbal.” Devilchu said rolling her eyes. “It actually happened I swear!”

We all laughed throwing our popcorn at him.

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Dofus, these were the fabled dragon eggs that laid in Bolgrot the great dragons breast for eons, out of them countless adventurers have risked life over limb for these relics, most of them sacrificing both the former and latter. But six athletes would get the shock of their life when they discovered they would be playing off for one of these dofus...
The field was booming with energy as six gobbowlers as a dofus laid in a chalice high above them , The chalice awarded to the champions of this years gobbowl world cup, on a crumbling pedestal said to of been erected by the god iop himself with his unmatched strength. A gobbowl ascended high into the air looking like a tofu that had been chamraked by a pandawa was quickly swipped by a male enirpisa. The enirpisa’s wings patheticly flopping around as he quickly seemed to go into a diving position. It looked like suicide, but suddenly a pandawa caught the eni before gracefully swivelling around throwing the eni towards a goal, but then an opposing ecaflip female grabbed the gobbawl and cackled “Not today dopple fodder” he grabbed the gobbawl and laughed, but then suddenly a dark cloud arose over the gobbowl arena as suddenly chafers rised from the ground, panic spread as a dark xelor on a skeleton dragoturkey waltzed into the arena, he looked at the dofus before pointing at it not saying a single word, suddenly the chafer’s started to make a pyramid of the undead, the ecaflip female player cursed as she pushed the gobbowl towards the eni, the eni cried “But you’re on my opposite team!” the ecaflip cackled “Get ready to learn to fly you little piwi” suddenly the enirpisa flew again as he was launched by the ecaflips felination straight into the chalice, the chalice shattered as the eni grabbed the dofus and shoved it into the gobbowl. The xelor’s head ticked as his hands moved together suddenly pulling out a homing hand. The eni looked full of suprise and helpless as the ecaflip from the opposition jumped high into the air, suddenly magic cards appeared in its hands as it quickly cast heads or tails destroying the homing hand on impact. The xelors head tocked as it took off its taty black robe to reveal in its hand it held five of the dofus, he pointed to the gobbowl as the chafers tried to grab it from the eni. The eni jumped down and in the heat of the moment started to incantate a word, every eni in the audience gasped at such a word as suddenly the eni stabbed his fist into the xelor. The xelor gasped as he disappeared dropping all of the dofus, the eni picked up the dofus and offered them to the ecaflip. The ecaflip rejected the dofus, proudly smiling. As everyone including the opposing team started to applaud, it was on that day, that eni became a true hero. Fin.

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May as well have a crack tongue 500 words on the dot though, my entry starts now:

Gobbowl Cup 2010

A trail of sweat trickled down his forehead as he contemplated the upcoming battle. Here they were, the Gobbowl cup, as Brakmar held the title for the sixth year running. Bonta had already tried and failed, getting beaten badly. As usual. Now, though, it was their turn. It was time to show the World of Twelve just what the Seriane Mercenaries could do. Brakmar had taunted anybody that wasn't their own- Omni, the Brakmarian's lapdogs, had razed villages for fun. Even Bonta, however, could repeat this if they were allowed to win. The Seriane was the only balance.

And so here he was, Nico, the second Bontarian piece of the Seriane's team - A team made of 2 Bontarians and 2 Brakmarians. All mercenaries, really. Nico, from the Outer Heaven guild, along with his teammate, Reku, were the Bontarian components, with Nex and Twist from Lindum Colonia, one of the only Brakmarian guilds with any honour left. Together, they made up one of the best Gobbowl teams of all time. And now they were about to play the best team.
The best were outdated.

Jay, Jeram, KLK and Beneji were the most vicious Brakmarians to ever play. They lied, cheated, stole. There were suspicions of murder. Jay was a hulk - 7 foot tall, huge shoulders, and a face that was mashed. He had been in prison awaiting trial for murder when Brakmar had approached him- And now here he was. Beneji and Jeram were smaller, thankfully. Beneji was an ex-pilot. His technical skill was abnormal. Jeram was a dirty fighter - He tripped up and broke the knees of opponents, always unseen due to his stature. But KLK was the worst. In full, Krisse la Krasse, a French Street Racer. He had a record of 16 murders and 23 assaults, all accumulated in his insane race attempts. He wasn't sorry for one.

As play began, Nico knew he was in trouble. Almost immediately, as Nico first touched the ball, he knew it had been tampered. It was heavy and off balance. As he ran upfield he passed it to Reku. But suddenly Jay appeared. He barged into Reku, knocking him flying. KLK took the ball and scored. Nico stared at the Ref, who had apparently not seen anything. Nico couldn't help but notice the money in his pocket. This happened twice more. It was a small mercy to get some goals in at the side.

It was 3 all. Brakmar were taunting now. KLK was mooning them, laughing. "Vous êtes tous des merdes!!" he would shout. Nico and the Serianes were exhausted, panting and sweating. It was go time. As soon as play started, Nico belted. He grabbed the ball, passed, ran, and took possession again. He was at the box- about to score. A pain hit him - Jeram. Nico shoulder barged his way past, and took a wild shot. KLK taunted. Jeram attacked. Jay charged. Beneji glared. The crowd went wild.
Seriane had won.

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We were 1–0 down against the Brakmar Allstars, 30 minutes to go and had been forced to stop play. A slow motion playback showed the Allstar’s enutrof had cast Bribery on the referee, and the enutrof was now being substituted by a feca.

The Allstar’s centre, an Iop with bigger feet than brains, Cut a path through our defense, our goalie, a sadida used Aggressive Bramble to cut him off. Too aggressive, the Iop fell and slid to a stop inches from the line. The whistle blew and the ref gave a penalty.

I was fuming, convinced the Iop had dived. (To be honest, even if our goalie had slammed his studs into the Iop’s head while he was down, I would still have shaken my fists and screamed: “HEY! THAT’S NEVER A PENALTY! I don’t always see clearly in the heat of the moment.)

Of course, the cra, their best player stepped in for the penalty. And of course it went past our goalie’s hastily summoned Block. Milliseconds before it went over the line, our Xelor, Valoran, executed Rohl-back and the gobbowl appeared in front of the Block again, struck and ricocheted off. What a save!

Our Iop cast Concentration, then started using Blow to move the gobbowl towards the Allstars goal. Their Iop responded in kind and suddenly we had a giant game of Blow gobbowl on our hands.

Our osa midfielder Devilioun had agreed with officials before the match that he could play a summon substitute and it was paying off now. Instead of a Gobball, a white gobbly was on the field, using dribble to excellent effect as it swerved its way round the opposing team. Valoran shimmered for a second with Teleportation, then reappeared inside the Allstar’s main defensive line, just in time to nudge the gobbowl over the line and it was IN! We had equalized, with only 3 minutes left to go.

Devilioun blasted the gobbowl with his High-Energy Shot. It arced through the air towards the goal and the team sprinted forward for the finish. With seconds left, the Allstar’s feca panicked and started the convoluted gestures that preceded the casting of Truce.

It was down to Sofolous, our eca. It was an All or Nothing play, the Allstars team staggered as the spell took effect, she faked left with Bluff and as the Gobbowl came down she cast Heads or Tails.

That second an Atonement Arrow struck and Sof entered Gravity state, feet fixed to the floor unable to get the height to head the gobbowl in. A groan went up from the crowd, only to be followed by manic cheers as she cast Reflex, spun round with the additional agility and struck the gobbowl with her tail, spinning it into the top corner of the net, just as the final whistle blew for a 2-1 win.

‘It’s not called Heads or Tails for nothing, you know’ she called back to the jubilant team.


Word Count Tool says 499 words laugh

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An Iop’s wrath.
The ball flew towards me at tremendous speed. Such strength.
Strength that a disciple of Xelor could never dream of controlling. However, being a follower of Xelor I had a set of powers to call upon of my own, far more subtle and requiring great wisdom, but no less deadly. They were the perfect counter measures to the brute strength of an Iop. With a slight wave of my hand, I slowed its progression to a Snailmet’s pace, with another, I travelled fifty metres instantaneously appearing just under the fluffy sphere. I channelled the power of my God into my right arm, causing the giant, ghostly image of a bandaged fist to apparate around my own, empowering my strike.

I launched the ball over 200 metres, half the length of the playing field, towards the enemy goal and into the capable paws of my Ecaflip team mate. In a completely unnecessary show of acrobatic skill, he managed to get the ball higher than the combined height of the 5 tallest Trools in the world of twelve. A shadow passed over me.

The sun was momentarily blocked out. I looked up: a flash of purple and white cloth, long ash brown hair flowing behind it. It was OUR Iop, the most amazing Gobbowler of all time. She had Jumped directly behind the ball, using the sun's blinding light to hide her approach, the kind of genius manoeuvre never expected by an Iop. But she was no run of the mill Iop. She came down on the ball like a hangover on a Pandawa after initiation into the Pandawushu arts, her power was incredible, her speed intense. Her aim? Perfect. We were winning, for now.

By Choco-Meteo smile

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It was the final Gobbowl match of the season. Sarcastically dubbed “The Battle of the Best” it was the match which would decide which team would have the shame of coming bottom in the tournament. And, as had been the case for the past 25 years, the match was between the Sufokian Scavengers and the Madrestam Moowolves. Undeniably Gobbowl’s two worst teams, even the luckiest of Ecaflips refused to bet on either.

However his team’s poor standing was of no concern to the Scavenger's spritely young Iop, and star player. He’d come here for one thing and one thing only. To show off his Gobbowl talents. For stood at the sidelines was none other than O. R. Sum, Xelor extraordinaire and manager of Otomai’s Invincibles, currently the second best Gobbowl team in the world. It was Sum who the Iop was aiming to impress, with the hope that he’d put in a good word with a middle tier Gobbowl team, maybe even the Brakmarian Bwaks.

“Ah if only,” he mused “to even be near such a team would be incredible.” It was in the middle of his daydreaming when he heard a whistle blow and, with a shock, realised the game had begun!

“Get im!” cried his team mate, “Old Greeny”. In a flash the Iop realised that, not only was one of the opposing teams players running straight at him, Gobbowl tightly tucked under his arm, but that he was the only player standing between the charging opponent and his team’s goal!

Realising it was all down to him to prevent an early defeat, he took a deep breath and... charged at his opponent.


The opponent smacked him clean in the head with one almighty punch, knocking him out instantly. He awoke several hours later to find himself lying at the side of the pitch, a female Eniripsa sat a few feet away watching him anxiously.

Near instinctively he asked “Did my team win?”

“I’m afraid not” was the Eniripsa’s reply.

“Oh.” Was all he could manage, as he struggled to hold back the tears. He’d failed. Miserably.

“Here, this was for left for you by some Xelor. In fact it was the only reason I’ve been hanging around, they were very insistent I deliver it. That and to make sure you were okay of course.” She quickly added, before passing a letter over to him.

He took the letter from her, swiftly opening it and reading the contents:

“Dear Iop

Your performance today impressed me. I can think of few who would risk their life so foolishly for their team. As of such I’d like to offer you a trial for Otomai's Invincibles. Please reply as soon as possible.

O. R. Sum”

As he read the last line the young Iop’s joy was simply too much and he subsequently passed out.

Looking on at the unconscious Iop, the Eniripsa could do nothing but sigh.

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Firstly I'd like to say good luck to all other adventurers out there smile
Gobbowl World Cup Contest Entry Starts Now:

Here we are again, in the legendary Gobbowl World Cup Arena.
10,000 Years have past since our great ancestors had created the Gobbowl World Cup Arena after the battle of the great gods!
As we all know the legendary arena shares a mystical bond with the Dofus Dragons...*Coughs*

From the mighty methane of Ignemikhal the Fire Dragon

To the legendary leak of Aerafal, the Air Dragon

This mystical bond connects all of the adventurers across the world of twelve to create this magnificent game of courage, bravery and hope! *with a little touch of CH4 and a tiny sparkle of Faeces*

It was a cold, wet sunny and weird day.
The time I had been waiting all my life had finally come and all my dreams were set on a narrow path to become the 2010 Gobbowl World Cup Champion!

As I waited in the changing room with my two best friends Josephine and Chrystal I realised that we had no chance of winning this cup!
Josephine had no idea what she was doing! I don’t think she even knew where she was!
And Chrystal was simply too arrogant, she'd always attempt things before any of us, although I must give credit to her incredible bravery!
As tears started to dribble down my face I remembered that I should never give up hope and that if I give up now I'd be letting my friends down too!
Five minutes later I put my self back together and me, Josephine and Chrystal entered the Arena of the Dragons.
I looked up and noticed that my opponent was...Evil Tofu and his helpers of Mad Boars!
Suddenly I panicked and the referee blew the whistle. The game had started and before I knew it Chrystal had the Gobbowl and was running all over the court and Josephine was crying because she didn’t get a touch yet! Even Evil Bob looked confused! For the entire first half no one got a touch because Chrystal was running crazy with the Gobbowl
And when the referee blew the whistle for the start of the second half Chrystal was drained! And she could no longer move so I placed her in the goal as a barrier, but something was happening... in the corner of the field someone was crying like a maniac... it was Josephine and when I saw her eyes I noticed that she had releases the evil spirit of the Santa Jaws! Suddenly Josephine’s rage took control and for the first time she touched the Gobbowl snatching it from Evil Bobs Minion she teleported straight through the goal and never stopped... We had won the game! And my dream was fulfilled...and right now Chrystal is the new Gobbowl World Cup mascot while Josephine has been running across the borders of Kwismas Island for the past 8000 years.

My name is Jak Mar and this is the story of how I won the Gobbowl World Cup!...

And you can win too!

All you need is some methane from my old friend Aerafal!

Thanks for listening.

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Yes, well. Here's my attempt. Good luck to all the other participants!

Gobbowl World Cup Contest Entry
The object spiraled through the air, a panting Ecaflip trailing it, his furry limbs hurtling across the ground. Chronicler bit his lip, his eyes following its passage. A purple haze clouded his figure as his body flickered, reappearing in mid-air with his fingers wrapped around the Gobball. A shimmer, and he was back on the ground, slightly dazed. Casey made for Chronicler's tiny form, his catlike tail whipping as he sped towards the Xelor.

"Run, Chron, run!" a voice shouted. He shook his head to clear it, and tossed the struggling, slightly smelly animal towards Payne. The Iop leapt, grabbing the Gobball. He took off, feet raising small clouds of dust in his wake.

A clattering noise, and Payne tripped over a plank of wood that had not been there before, the furry animal flying out of his hands. Cackling as she ran, Mama zoomed across the field towards the stunned Gobball. She scooped it up, and made for the goal.

A thudding sound ensued as Lou jumped in front of Mama, blowing the Gobball out of her hands.

The Gobball shrieked in terror as the ground came to meet it at an alarming rate. Luckily for the Gobball, Lou grabbed the animal in mid-air.

Its relief was short-lived, however, as Lou had started a series of leaps which brought it high into the air. The Gobball immediately started struggling in Lou's arms.

Chronicler, seeing the difficulty Lou was having with the Gobball, stared at the animal, concentrating. A circle shimmered over the Gobball, and its struggling stopped.

Casey suddenly burst into a run, the scent of the Gobball powering his legs onwards.


Lou tensed her legs for another jump as she was about to land, and took off, this time leaping higher than she'd ever jumped before.

Wait a second...

She looked at the crook of her arm, letting out a groan.


Casey darted past the Needles that cluttered the field, his reflexes giving him the agility to dodge past all of them.

Dashing towards the cage, he launched the Gobball into the air, flipped his body, and smashed it into the cage.


"Ugh," muttered Payne, rubbing his bruised knee. "Still, it's not like they can beat us; we're leading by a point."

"You might want to reassess the situation."

It was the missing member of the opposing team! Mac summoned a Gobball from the middle of the field and whipped it on the rear, causing it to gallop straight towards their cage. "Feline! Feline!" He called out, raising an arm. The Gobball immediately put on a burst of speed, rushing across the field. Neither Lou nor Payne could keep up with it, and Chronicler's abilities did not seem to impede it. It ran into the cage, earning another two points for the scoring team.

A cheer erupted from the motley lot.

"Good game, guys!" Chronicler called out to them. "We should really make this a guild weekly event, it's been fun!"

And so they did.

498 words, I believe. Idiotic word count tool doesn't seem to be working for me. I keep getting "The requested URL is not supported".

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It was the final of the Gobbowl World Cup 2010, held in Brakmar, two teams were left in the fight for the flute-like trophy, only one could remain.

Team Brakmar consisted of two Iops and an Ecaflip. Team Bonta included more endurance characters, an Eniripsa, an Xelor and an Enutrof.

The match kicked off to a flying start, the Iops were all over the Team Bonta, with the sweat dripping from their brows they managed to squeeze a gobball past the Enutrof when he was admiring how the trophy was made from Aquamarines. But the Bontarian Team fought back with a vengeance always being the weaker characters in a team they wanted to prove their worth, they shot left, right and centre but couldn't get it past the other keeper's "cat-like" reflexes! In a buzzing counter-attack, Brakmar got another goal.

It was 2-0 at half time.

The managers spoke encouraging words, "Keep it up your doing well, watch that Eniripsa, he always lasts the whole game strong as ever," was the message from the Brakmar room and, "team up on one person at a time, Xelor, you man-mark one of their Iops and Eniripsa you support her...Enutrof I need you to stop those shots! I know when those Iops hit it hard but we can do this!"

On to the pitch, lights blinding, crowd cheering, sweat dripping. The game restarted.

The Xelor was straight on the ball almost "flying" past those Iops, she was in-front of the goal, Ecaflip standing in her way, she drew back his foot, and got taken out by an Iop! Penalty!

The Xelor stood up to take it. The pressure was on. Everybody was watching, waiting for her to take it. She took a deep breath, ran forward, and... GO'BB'AL! It was 2-1, could this be a comeback?!

After that moment the Bontarians were on fire! Boom, Boom! Two more goals went in! It was 3-2 to the Bontas! What a turnaround!

But the Brakmarians had not given up yet, their Wrath was now charged and they both let it out simultaneously wiping out both the Xelor and the Eniripsa at the same time, all that remained was the Enutrof. The two Iops smugly wandered towards the goal, one tripped over a shoelace that he had been too dumb to tie up, the other carried on with the gobbal, BAM! He shot it, it was heading for the top corner surely there was no way of saving it? But what was this? The Enutrof was leaping through the air like nothing you'd ever seen, it was as if he had suddenly got some acceleration from somewhere! He was stretching, reaching for that ball and yes! He got a hand to it! The whistle blew! It was all over for the Brakmarians! Bonta wins!

Celebrations went off all around, and some people lay claim to seeing six dragons flying above the arena, all we know is...

The 2010 Brakmarian Gobbowl World Cup goes to... Bonta!!

-499 words, (believe me I had to cut back :3)
-Pain-reliever, Shika x
-P.S Good luck everyone smile

EDIT: Small grammatical mistakes.

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"Hello every one today we are here to see the finale of the Gobbowl tournamant with the team of Minotaur Island team versus the Wabbit Island team " Said the commentator.

"On the Wabbits team is a Wabbit, a Tiwabbit and whats this a GMWabbit I think we will have to take a blood sample of the GMWabbit. On the Minotaur team theres a Minokid, a Minotaur and ... whats this its Mummy Nova it looks like they are making history today. Now on to the game"

"As the game starts the Minokid goes first but it shoots the gobbal in the wrong direction. Looks like the wabbits have the advantage and now it is the turn of the Tiwabbit and oh no the Tiwabbit has gone into the audience to see some one holding cawwot.

can things get any better? we will find out! Now the minotaurs turn the minotaur does a massive close combat attack and put it right next to the Wabbits teams goal. Will the wabbits make a comeback? Find out ... right now.

Now wabbit comes to the gobbal ball and close combats it putting the ball back in the middle. Now its Mummy Novas turn and she close combats it and it is now one tile in front of the wabbits goal. Now on the GMWabbits move it does a new never seen before move shooting the ball into the net making the wabbit team win with 1-0.

What a game it was and if you look over there the wabbit team are showing off there new champ emotes.

So join us next year for the next World Gobbowl Chamionship!

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Score : 298

This story starts on the small island of Sakai, groups of people are gathering around the small single television on the island hoping to see a glance of their 3 homegrown players

Classed as the major underdogs of the tournament only just qualifying for the Gobbowl world cup, these 3 young men Owen Goel the Goalkeeper, Geoft Side the Striker and Hans Ball the Defender, wait patiently to see who they play in the first round.

Astrub!! Shouts the commenter,

Last World Cup winners will be playing, after a moment’s silence, Sakai!! This year’s newcomers to the tournament.

Owen, Geoft and Hans all look at each other without saying a word but all know what they are thinking, oh dear..

Both teams start to make it onto the field with the famous colours of the Astrubian team, Yellow and Red, All over the place with just the odd Blue and White of the Sakians showing through.

The referee gets both teams onto the correct sides of the pitch before tossing a coin to see who kicks off.. It’s Sakai.

Groft steps upto the spot and passes the ball straight to Hans, However the Astrub team seem to appear from out of nowhere and they soon find themselves 1-0 down after just a minute of playing, The crowd is going crazy as it seems that Astrub is just toying with the newcomers but an eerie silence falls as Sakai pull one back after a fine save by Owen.

The score is now 1-1, Asturb get the game going again, as they just pass between each other trying to find an opening but Hans isn’t letting anything past and see's an opportunity just as Astrub get the ball into the box, he runs at the striker and dives in with what seemed to be a well timed tackle but misses the ball and goes straight at the shin of the Astrub striker.

PENELTY!! Shouts the referee, all hope settles on Owen as the striker places the ball on the penalty spot takes a short run up and swiftly puts the ball into the top right hand corner of the goal sending Owen in the wrong direction

2-1 Astrub just as the half time whistle goes.

Second half starts with major excitement as Sakai find themselves level again, 2-2 after 5 minutes due to a lucky break for Groft as the Astrub defender seems to lose his footing leaving Groft the needing to beat the keeper

As the match goes on time is quickly running out for both teams and Astrub are picking up there game, Passing the ball between their defence and goalkeeper trying to draw out Sakai, They finally get their chance, the keeper kicks an amazing pass to their striker who easily runs it past Hans and shoots it cleanly past Owen.

3-2 Astrub!!

Crowd goes crazy as the final whistle blows and Asturb are declared Winners

The 3 players return to Sakai to a hero’s welcome and start practising for the next tournament

(edit to correct spelling) 500 words according to the word count tool!

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500 words said microsoft word. Probs because it counted well-deserved as one wink.

Anywho theres mine. It took me a while. Gl all contestants.
reason for edit: Fixing up a few grammatival mistakes. I had origianlly writ this in 3rd person but then changed it to first as to make it better so making the grammar better. Yes i know i have more mistakes and im having a friend look over em wink
Heavens-fury shika lvl 96 wink
Entry starts now smile :

We walked out onto the pitch. Sweating. Nervous .Fearful. This was it. Are biggest game. We had to win the trophy this year. That gleaming trophy. That awe inspiring trophy. Gobbowl was coming home. This was it. Ankama statues v Brakmarian devils. They were vicious, slimy cheaters. We had to win. Out onto the pitch. Shake hands. Anthem in the background. We didn’t care. We were sweating, nervous fearful. We couldn’t let Ankama down. We waited. All thinking the same. We go onto the pitch. He picks up the gobbawl. Passes. She picks it up runs runs and runs. A Bramble? A BRAMBLE! “PENELTY” they all cry. What ref wasn’t looking? That Brakmarian *****. Play restarts they’ve got it. Tackle, aggressive but no foul. We have it. Run. Dodge. Dodge. Pass. Pass. So close. Just the gobkeeper. Throws. It all goes in slow motion. It edges closer. And closer. “NO” they scream. “YES” they scream. Brakmar saved. We are demoralised. It doesn’t stop us. Devils have it. We give chase.We are paralysed. “Whats happened.” we think. Paralysing glyph. Again referee didn’t see anything. This was out of hand. We thought. Pulse heightening. Devils are getting closer. To fast. They Are getting closer. One loses his nerve. Sword of iop. MAJOR Foul. Sent off. Man down. We can’t win. Thats it. If They can cheat. So canwe. “OY ref” yells one. A brakmarian down. But no one saw? He’s injured, he’s sent in via coney brigade. Heh. Not bad we think. Things heat up. Time running out. Sweating. Nervous. Fearful. Things heat up. Injuries. Both sides doing slyer. Out tricking each other. No cheers. No one notices. The ancient game of gobbowl it self has become a blood bath. The ref himself is injured. But the audience’s disgust soon turn to entertainment as both sides have lost there wits. . Half time. We come in. “Idiots!” “Look what you’ve become.” “Your as bad as them.” “Go out there.” “Play with your hearts.” “Not your fists.” Chanting. Pepped up. Much better. Both teams come back out, To the boos of the audience. Play begins. Brakmar has the ball. A beautifully clean tackle by them. We have the ball. 1 Brak dodged. 2. 3. Amazing play. A bramble? Jump. Dodged. Jump. Shoot. Again. Everything seems slow motion. As if xelor himself was adding suspense. They were watching it. The keeper seemed ready-at first. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. We don’t believe it. We begin to cheer. BOOM! We look behind. Keeper had placed a trap. It had backfired. Referee’s verdict? He didn’t see the keeper plant. Of course . Brak start. Bolted our defence. Shoot Score. We don’t believe it. But it happened. Not long left. Sweating. Nervous. Fearful. This was it. Our biggest moment. Us. Them. Us. Them. Us. Them. Us. Jump. Unbelievable. The iop had brains after all. He Throws. It curves. I catch it. I run. There defence. Scattered. There keeper to far ahead. I shoot. Screams past. Goal. Its ours. Sweating. Nervous. well-deserved.

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Brakmar had found Poochan in Pandala they are using her to turn then into Bow Meows, They broke a brick in Bontas walls and sent 450 troops into the city. They went straight to the Militia killing all the guards in their way. They finally reach the Militia and attacks. All the Bontarians come to help but it was too late. Brakmar had taken Amayiro. Bonta has declared the biggest war ever to be declared in the whole of eternity on Brakmar. The war lasted 6 years, It ended when Bonta finally gave up to Brakmar bribing them for Amayiro back but it wasent good enough for Brakmar, They wanted the whole of Bonta for themselves and no more Bontarians to survive their power. 17th April the day of the attack. Brakmar troops charg with their mounts smashing Bontas walls and killing any Bontarians in sight, the attack lasted 6 days many Brakmarians died but at the end all the Bontarians died and Brakmar rules Dofus.

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Score : 530

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Entry starts now:

There was a mix of jerring and cheering as we came out, the same for our opponents. The Brakmarians. For some reason i had blocked out all this sound and could hear nothing but my heart beating. Being an Iop i knew i would be the one running through their defences to score.

As the whistle blew i sprinted for the small furry creature representing the ball, the first thing that i saw was Argnok the Sram on our team run infront of me screaming for the ball, i passed it to him, he instantly turned invisible, however in the second after he vanished i saw Grenlak-Facecracker the brakmarian Sacrier who was in defence kicked at the air where Argnok was a few seconds ago and hit hime directly in the face with a kick. Argnok materialised back into view, then fell backwards, his bones went everywhere and the ball slipped out of his hand so i grabbed it. Grenlak tried the same trick on me but i ducked under his foot and carried on running towards the scoring zone.

Then i saw my problem there was a glistening wall in the way of the scoring zone, I cursed under my breath, i had completely forgotten about their team captain, he was a Feca, known for his shield walls which he used to to win games, some said that Krakar-Stormbreaker's shield were impenetrable, on the other hand there were some who thought that this was complete rubbish, one of these people was our coach, so he had a plan, this plan was now going into effect.

As the voice of my coach trailed out of my head i saw the main part of the plan, his name was Gringor, he was a hard-headed Sacrier, some said his brain was the size of a cheerio, i agreed, he had to have almost no brains to partake in this plan, as this drifted to the back of my head i saw him run head first into Krakar's shield as he bounce off and was flung to the other end of the pitch i saw the shield fizzle away and thanked the gods we had an almost insane Enutrof as a coach.

After Krakar's shield had gone i had an opening to run and score, so i began sprinting towards the scoring zone, that was when it started to go wrong.

The brakmarians had many dirty tricks in their heads, and i was just about to fall victim to one. just as i was about to reach the scoring zone their teams Xelor Zrytene-Timewaster started to make time around me slow down so that his team would have an opening to grab the ball, however i just went back to instincts and jumped for the zone, just as Grenlak was about to tackle me i landed, (even though it was head first) into the scoring zone. WE WERE UP 1-0!!

Now we just had the rest of the game to play...

498 words, thats after taking out two and a bit paragraphs of opening, well i hope you still like it happy.

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“SPARK! Get up and do some work!”
“W-w-what? Are you sure?” The Eniripsa boy stammered.
“Just get out there!” Mr Ococh, his Enutrof manager yelled, brandishing his walking stick. Spark walked into the Gobbowling stadium, his legs feeling like Jellies.
The referee blew his whistle and the game began.
The other team were too fast, there was no way Spark could ever get hold of the Gobbowl. Then he saw his chance. The opposing team’s Pandawa was stood there, gulping down her ‘I swear there’s no alcohol in this glass ref’ drink, with the Gobbowl on her head. Spark zoomed over her grabbing the fluffy ball on the way.
“Oi! Give that back!” The drunkard shouted. She tried to run after him but tripped over Bug’s (Spark’s Osamoda teammate) strategically placed prespic summon, spilling her ‘alcohol free refreshment’. Spark raced to the goal.
Spark was on a roll, he grabbed the Gobbowl as soon as the Ecaflip referee took his paws off it.
“Over here Spark!” Spark turned to see Blossom, his beautiful Sadida teammate.
Time seemed to stand still. Everything slowed down to a stop. Spark couldn’t move.
Is this what it’s like to be in love?’ He thought.
No. This was the feeling you got when an Xelor uses Slow Down on you.
The Xelor ran past and took the Gobbowl right out of Spark’s hands. Spark tried to shout something awful at him, but thank goodness he couldn’t – there were ladies present.
Blossom was speeding after the Xelor. He turned, raised his hands and… Unfortunately the poor inexperienced Xelor had managed to cast Slow Down on himself! Blossom picked the Gobbowl from his immobilized hands and tossed it into the goal.
With two minutes left in the game this was the last chance for either team to win.
The referee blew his whistle and threw the Gobbowl into the air, which was caught by the opposing team’s Iop. He was running towards the goal, there was no way Spark could catch up with him now.
Then just metres away from the goal the Iop sat down and began trying to eat the Gobbowl!
Everyone in the stadium burst into fits of laughter (apart from the AUGFG (Against Using Gobbowls For Gobowling) activists).
Spark zipped over to the stupid Iop. (Though I’m not making generalisations of course!)
“What’s that?!” He exclaimed pointing to the sky. Spark snatched the Gobbowl from the Iop while he was looking around bemused, and threw it into the goal.
“SPARK! SPARK! SPARK!” The crowd screamed.
“SPARK!” Spark felt a sharp pain on the back of his head and turned around with a start.
“Get back to work and stop daydreaming you lazy layabout!” Mr Ococh said gruffly as he shuffled away.
Spark sighed, picked up his tattered old broom and went back to sweeping up the litter left behind, from the Gobbowling World Cup.

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Score : 8

Young Cra boy dashed some water on his face, expecting it to cool him down and wash some exitement away. After playing so many matches -and winning a good amount of it-, one expects to get used to it. But no, this one's not some ordinary game. This is the one, the final. This was his destiny, he knew it! He always belived it. Even though everyone else laughed at his dreams, he kept promising to make them true. He wasn't really a good gobbowl player when he was small. One of the teams were missing a player? "We have no choice, get the Cra boy in...". He was laughed, insulted, never taken seriously. But he is the one there now! He made it in the team! Now he'll prove himself to the world!
He heard the first bell, that calls the teams on the field. He never saw that many people together before! They were all shouting and cheering. He still could hear his own heartbeat. He got himself together and started to walk again with his team, until two teams meet at the field...
It was the first time Cra boy saw the opponent team. There were three Sacrier's!!! Damn, wished he was a Sacrier! He once saw a Sacrier girl, her name was Vea as he recalls, kicking a big muscled Iop. An Eniripsa examined him after he fainted with the kick, and said Iop had twenty seven broken bones, with only one kick! He should be cautious against those Sacriers...
Then, boy saw their captain. A purple Ecaflip, with an eye-patch. He was tall and scary with that smile. Cra boy heard that this team came from a far island, they were pirates, great rulers of the sea's. It was his first time seeing a pirate. Boy thought, pirates look really scary... Lets see if they are good on the soil field like they are on the sea! He heard the second bell. That bell means King Allister is entering the stadium. Everyone applaused and cheered while the king was taking his seat. Cra boy thought his heart couldn't beat anymore faster.
Then King raised his hand, whole stadium stopped shouting. "Let the game begin!" and all the noise came back immediately. Referee called the team captains, threw a coin in the air...
Third bell rang, thats the start of the game. Opponent team was starting. Cra boy got his position. He saw the purple Ecaflip raised his leg, and kicked the little furry thing. It was all in one second, he saw the kick, gobbowl flyed into the air, getting bigger and bigger in his vision. Cra boy had a milisecond to think "I think its coming directly to my face!", then it was all black...
Boy opened his eyes at hospital. The eniripsa checking his bandages told him he was unconscious for six hours... A drop of tear fell down his eye, when he realised, he missed the game of his life...


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Score : 7

The excitement was palpable... the stands were full... the teams were ready for the AGF GOBBOWL GRAND FINAL!

On the 15th of Junssidor 440 The sky was blue as a piwis posing pouch, perfect for the day of the final. The sun shone down on the field where in moments the two proud teams would arrive to beat innocent gobballs senseless.

As everyone was well aware the teams that had successfully battled their way to the grand final were the Astrub Allstars, a team known for its dirty underhand players who would stop at nothing to score points. The Other team were the world renowned Waving Wabbits who were King Allister's own personal team they were well trained and strictly disciplined.
The crowds shot to their feet and exploded with excitement as they saw their favourite players jog onto the field. Within seconds fairyworks, headgear and Soft Oak G-String filled the sky as the fans showed their appreciation toward the players.

In a few minutes the game was underway with the All-stars winning the toss and thus starting with the gobball and... they were away!

Dragonsly playing for the All-stars grabbed the gobball sprinted up the field to a waiting Makdo Peule with fists ready to pitch the Eniripsa away and not seeing a stealthy Fuu Yie sneaking up behind him. Just as Makdo is about to catch the Eniripsa with a brutal kick Fuu trips him up and Dragonsly is able to run straight past without interference.
It seems like the game is over, but far from it, Fuu and Dragonsly seem blissfully unaware that Gobwalina one of Gobbawls greatest player since her father Gobber The Great is gaining easily on the slow Eniprisia. With Fuu too far behind it was up to Aye Woan the All-stars strongest player to try and stop Gobwalina snatching the gobball from the terrified Eniripsa.

Unfortunatly Aye’s Iop strength could not match the speed or skill of Gobwalina as in one swift movement she plucks the gobball from Dragonsly’s hands and headed off in the opposite direction, towards the All-stars goal!
Having dodged Aye the Iop and Dragonsly the Eniripsa there was nothing between Gobwalina and the Wabbits victory over the devious Astrub All-stars. She ran for her life with the other players trailing after her. But suddenly when all seemed finished the crowd suddenly realised that the All-stars player Fuu the Sram had not been seen since she had underhandedly tripped Makdo.

And then from a cloud of smoke she suddenly appeared directly in front of Gobwalina! Who having no time to stop ran straight into the Sram sending the gobball flying into the air towards the All-stars goal. Hugo Bello the well known Feca, seeing his chance dived right underneath the gobball as it landed and triumphantly secured a point for the Waving Wabbit.

The crowd exploded with cheers and boos as the final whistle blew. It was widely considered the best match anyone had ever seen.

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Score : 1436
Thud, thud, the ground reverberates as your feet pound the turf mercilessly, the roars and screams of the crowd drowned out by the furious racing of blood behind your ears. You suck in air forcefully, desperately trying to fuel aching muscles and burning lungs as you drive headlong towards glory. You can feel the soft fur of the ball clutched firmly at your side, a death-grip, clasping the most important thing in the world.

The long shadow of a bulky figure looms over you; you can hear his heavy breathing, sense the desire in his presence, the pure, focused will aimed squarely at the prize in your possession. He lunges, a powerful arm shooting forward, punching through the air and hurtling towards you. Ducking expertly, you throw yourself to the floor and roll, smashing his legs from underneath him - pain shooting up your spine from the jarring collision. The momentum of your dive is enough to carry you forward though and you tumble over the fragrant grass as he crashes down several feet behind you. The crowd erupts in tumultuous applause, jumping, shouting, cheering your name as you pick yourself up smoothly and break into a run once again, utterly undeterred.

All eyes are on you as you speed towards the goal. You can feel the wind whip past your face, the adrenaline in your blood urging you onwards as your muscles plead for mercy. It's in your sights, the air becomes thick with anticipation, tension emanating from every onlooker, their eyes wide open and mouths agape.


A sudden explosion of light, a blast of crackling energy rips through the air. Confusion and panic as you are torn from your feet with tremendous force, an acute point of pressure smashing into your shoulder and sending you hurtling through the air. The world spins around you with nauseating velocity as you continue your arc but you manage a brief glimpse of a grinning figure staring up at you, shield raised, the activation point still smoking.

The ball begins to slide as you tumble through the air, gravity has stopped toying with you now and wants you back, you feel the ground rise up to greet you even before you see it. The ball slips. Time stops. Your last moments of consciousness seem to drag on for eternity; you see the thick, emerald strands of grass, the perfect crystal droplet of sweat suspended in mid-air from your brow, glinting in the bright sunlight. The crowd's expressions are surreal, frozen in horror, elation, surprise yet no sound escapes their open mouths. The air is completely still.

Crash. Your body hits the ground and the ground hits back, pummelling your soft flesh and cracking bones. Agony. White lights explode in front of your eyes before they fade into blackness. You feel the soft trickling of liquid in your mouth and taste the salty, metallic taste of blood. The blackness begins to grow deeper, it gradually envelops your thoughts until nothing remains. Silence.
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