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London MCM Expo Meet 2011

By TheFirstKaze April 28, 2011, 07:06:58

So as many of you may/may not be aware, the London EXPO is the biggest convention held in England.
It is for those who love anime, film, comic, manga, gaming or just meeting people in general.
The atmosphere is unmatched by any other convention and it is just great fun.

The next EXPO is just a mere month away (May 27th - May 29th)

It would be amazing to meet many of you gamers! I know a whole bunch of people from Jedi Mind Tricks are attending, with members from other known guilds also attending.

For those of you who love to dress up, I would positively recommend cosplaying (dressing up) as your Dofus character, or you favourite class.

Click here

Take a look and come along!

If anyone is coming, please post below, many of us Dofus gamers will be meeting up (time and place unconfirmed) to just hang out and just have a laugh smile

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There are a bunch of us that go every year and meet up at the expo. We always organise it on Imps Village, never really occurred to me that the official forums have actual players too!

Anyway, if you wanted to find us, the details are (copied from this post):

Date: Saturday 28th May 2011
When: 13:00
Where: ExCel London... in London. DOWNSTAIRS ENTRANCE of [email protected] pub (where the picnic tables are) and if you wanna be really specific, the table(s) right in front of you as you enter. (That's where we usually meet)
How do I get there? Clicking here is a start.

I should mention that the [email protected] pub is right next to the expo. If you put your back to the ExCel London's front doors then take the stairs immediately ahead of you and to your right then take another right across the road, you should be standing pretty much in front of the pub.

And here's a picture from last year's meetup:

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Is there another expo happening this October/November time?
I'm really interested in meeting the rest of the community face to face!


~ John

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