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Password Reset Problems!!!

By August 05, 2011, 21:15:29

  • If you have received a bad password from Ankama, it's now ok to use the password recovery system (please send ONLY ONE request). As of yesterday, the system has been cleared out and you should receive a password quickly, as long as your email address is correct.

  • If you try the password reset today and do not receive a new password, please make sure that you are checking your spam filters, and that you are looking in the correct email account! Approximately 25% of the people I've spoken with about this problem yesterday were not looking in the right place for their email! Those of you who are hosting your own websites and use email addresses from those sites, make sure to turn off any blacklisting features.

  • If you have received a password for an account you do not recognize, don't panic. Quite a number of players have one or two old accounts that they may have created for a purpose that they've forgotten. Our system only sends emails to the email addresses that we have on file, so if you received a password for an account, that account has your email address on it. If you don't want to use it, you're free to go on your merry way. =)

  • Ankama will be giving compensation for this incident, but not until this password reset has been dealt with. There are still a number of players without access to their accounts, and we want to make sure that everyone will be able to use the compensation that they receive. It's been a long wait for some of you, but please hang in there a bit longer, we will get to you.

Reminder: If you do not have access to the email address on your account, you have two options.

  1. If you have a valid account, and can prove that you are the account's creator, send a ticket to support here: I have Correctly Filled Out My Account Information.
  2. If you do not have a valid account (you used fake information to fill out your account, for example), you must send a ticket to support here: I Have NOT Correctly Filled Out My Account Information

For those who have sent tickets in already, and are waiting, please, please be patient and do not send multiple tickets.

As of yesterday, there were five times more tickets in the queue than our team can normally handle within 24 hours. This will take some time to sort out.

We know that you are waiting impatiently and we are doing everything we can to restore your access.
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