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Set for a Strength Enu

By Dazzybaby September 29, 2013, 23:59:26

I recently hit 198 and soon gonna be 199. Since i'm a total noob at endgame gears i'm looking for some help with my set.

I mostly do PvM. I haven't done some of F2 dungeons let alone F3 ones. Ochre/Turq and exomages are out of question but i have a jackanapes and a voyager.

Thanks in advance smile 

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Well as most str sets go I rekon Brouncy set is very good and you should use that. A Kim and a inky veil are also very good. And you would need a gelano and a jackanapes to get 11 ap which i think is pretty good ap for a str enu. If you can get the gelano mp maged you wouldent need a voyager.
For an amulet I would think a Battleflag amulet or that new vulk one im not sure on the name but it looks like a magma amulet or something like that XD.
An Eme/ging mount for sure to get 5 mp + some good vit.
A Peccary blade for weapon because of its power and vit.
For trophies I would get the jackanapes and voyager( If your gelano isn't mp maged). The str trophy, maybe a range trophy and an initiative trophy

So i hope i helped you make up your mind about a set and write back if you need any other assistance with it biggrin


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Alright well, I don't have a Full Strength Enutroff, but if you want the versatility of being hybrid Chance I got a set for you wink

  • Oshimo Set
  • Bearbaric Set
  • Ogivol Belt
  • Professor Xa's Cloak (Could be replaced by another cape if you wanted to have 6MP, but then you would need to exomage something for that 1 AP this cape gives)
  • Plum/Emerald Dragoturkey
  • Trophies
    • Major Water Destroyer
    • Major Earth Destroyer
    • Major Maniac
    • Major Player
    • Major Shackler
    • Twitcher
This should get you these stats just on the gear (assuming the items are perfect):
  • 2805 Vitality
  • 11 AP
  • 5MP
  • 0 Range
  • 243 Prospecting
  • 3460 Initiative
  • 32 Critical Hits
  • 320 Wisdom
  • 380 Strength
  • 380 Chance
  • 56 MP Reduction Ability
  • 91 Neutral Damage and 103 Earth/Water Damage.
Hope this helps. I know the stats look really low, but if you Scroll your stats to 101 and get them to the end of their 3:1 cap, you'll have 630 Strength and 610 Chance, use your power buffs and you'll have 450% Power. You'll also have 254 Characteristic Points to spare, I used them to get to 4K vit on my Enutroff though.
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You could use the following combination:

  • Broucey set
  • The Kim hat
  • Eroclite amulet
  • Awmigawd (sp?) ring
  • Lethaline's cape
  • Bearbaric sword
  • Plum/Emerald Mount
  • Jackanapes
That combination should put you at 10 AP, 6 MP, and - if you scrolled your strength, put all your points into strength, and make sure your gear is maged properly - at least a hundred points over 1,000 strength. You can fill this out with whatever other +Strength trophies you like, or else throw in some Friction, Shackeler, or even +vitality trophies or an emerald dofus. Get a Bearbaric sword and pair it with a +Damage trophy... well, you can guess the results.
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Thanks a lot!


I'm not really interested in a Cha/Str build. But I'd love to hear your ideas about an Int/Str set.

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Click here

In case I change that set in dofusbook:

Somnabulist Nightcap (butchered the name)
Broucey Set
Awmigawd Band
Inky Veil (Can be replaced with Obisidemon Cape until you get one)
Eroclite Amulet
Giger's Nightmare Blade
Plum/Eme Mount
Could Throw Voyager in there for 10/6
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Don't use a voyager, your an enu you don't want to be lockable by a pouch

I'd suggest you going 12/5 so you can use your full arsenal of spells.

HAT - use any you like here, i'd suggest a fuji hat, you get mp reduction, str, and range! if you don't need the range then you might want to check out ogivol for an extra summon

WEAP - you could use any weapon you like, Splinter sprinter is nice for the summon/range and mp reduction but you could go daggs asswell for the extra damage

Amulet - I'd say a Battleflag ammy for the damage and range mp reduction, crits and wisdom Altough you have a lot of options here, see what suits your style and budget wink as long as it has an AP on it it works

Broucey set - 3 Range, 1 AP and a lot of mp resistance this is just a must have for you wink

CLOACK - a Xa cloack is the way to go, it'll help you get 12ap and the resists are a nice bonus

MOUNT - Pick any mount with an MP on it

RING 2 - Use an AP/MP gelano here to reach 12/5

Fill in the trophy slots with a jackanapes and any damage/mp removal trophies/dofuses you like wink sorry for the horrible way of writing this down but i'm in a hurry ^^

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