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Combining different elements

By Portmeister#1486 - SUBSCRIBER - March 22, 2022, 21:40:01
Why does Ankama insist on placing spells of different elements in the same slot? I can adjust to the myriad of changes to the Enu, but I am cha/str and the devs, in their infinite wisdom, put Shovel Throwing and what used to be Shovel of Judgement in the same slot. Now, where I once had 3 chance and 3 Strength spells, I now must choose either combination of 3 and 2. Do the devs know just how frustrating that is? Now, I am forced to get a new set and rebalance elements.

Why don't we make the Iop choose between Wrath and Zenith? Maybe make the Sadida choose between Aggressive Brambles and Bush Fire? Am I the only player to see the inanity in that?

I'm just flummoxed. I really think that Ankama needs to make it policy to put like elemental spells in the same slot and then adjust accordingly so that the new players can make best use of them. 
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Agreed. I wish there was a more in-depth explanation of why these "improvements" were made. I would like to understand the reasoning for each of the spell changes. What is their purpose exactly? I don't want a vague statement followed by a list of nerfed spells. Enutrof for example. I get that Ankama wants to assign each element, a different ability. But the thing is, I don't want to pick just one element. I don't want to focus totally on one ability. Like Portmeister#1486, my Enutrof is also Cha/Str but now that path seems to be partially blocked because of spell arrangement. 

My only conclusion is that it was for Pvp sake. That really grinds my gears. I have been asking for years for Pvm and PVP to be completely separated. I thought that we were finally getting somewhere with the introduction of Spell Variants, but it seems that it only made it worse? Now spells that were always used together are now each other's variants? What? Why?

I'm not saying the char is unplayable now, I'm sure I'll adjust somehow, but the problem persists. Class balancing changes always end up affecting my Pvm experience in some way. sad

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I agree, str cha is a good combo except for the spell variant conflicts.  And collapse is pretty useless for most builds.  
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I also don't like new enu but I don't think Ankama cares <_
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I think this choice was made to avoid making Cape Hernaum too powerful. It would have made Shovel Throwing and Auriferous Shovel both just 3 AP to cast,  with +10 Damage to Coin Throwing, and making Shovel of the Ancients a 40% base critical strike chance. 

Of course they could have just changed Cape Hernaum, but that might have required other changes to the Enutrof Class Set. 

The Cape Hernaum is still great for Chance Enus, but I'm thinking Strength Enutrofs got the short end of the stick after the most recent spell changes:

-Peat Bog got a big damage nerf, It used to be comparable to Pandatak

-Collapse is an interesting spell and adds a nice little boost to your other earth spells, I just wish it was more than 7 Range. I could always use Sthood for some boosts, but then I couldn't make Shovel Throwing 3 AP by using Cape Hernaum and I think Shovel Throwing is the defining Strength Enutrof spell. Using Class Hat + Class Cape would hurt the stats too much.

-I kind of think Prime of Life is boring. I get the 'Hit and Run' theme, The MP is nice, the damage for the 3 AP cost is nice, but if we're going to put -Range on most spells then I think I'd rather just go all-in on that, so I guess there will be some Collapsing. 
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