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Puni V Ato

By Sackrace#8548 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - February 07, 2012, 22:10:08
We all knwo cra's are strong. But wich would be stronger. Punitive arrow or Atonment arrow. I think punni as it hits over 1k charged ina good set but ato has a better base damage butits every 3 truns.
What do you think?
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For me, I prefer both! >biggrin I have a str cha cra uahahhaa XD
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Atonement arrow noticeably hits higher, but.
Punitive is every 2nd turn, and has more realistic range.
Atonement is every 3 turn, has further range an also gives the target Gravity State.

When it comes to stats and damage, strength is easily going to be easier to have more of than chance thanks to sets and cras soft caps.
Critical Hits also affect the spells damage but don't have much of a difference between each other.

~Nerdz (rushu)
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