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A 190 ish int/agi cra

By -Kisu-sama - SUBSCRIBER - July 03, 2012, 09:04:14

I'm nearing 190 and I'm thinking of a new set to wear (atm Tengu set and other custom equipments) I'm hoping to get a good set that is semi-expensive(5-15mk). with atleast 600-1000 int or agi on both

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I don't remember there being sets based around Int/Agi, we'll not a lot anyway. You could look at something like Sleet/Hail, Borealis, Ougaa (damage, power), or something like; Stringsecticide Set + Allister Set, or looking at some of the new endgame sets. You'll probably go with a custom set.
Tengu + Customs would probably still be decent, IMO.
Sorry I can't help too much.

- Spirit

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Sleet Set is a possible option, as it is the official 190+ int/agi set. However, I remember when I was moving on from Tengu I did not like Sleet Set because it was hard to find pieces with more int and/or agi than my tengu set, so the only bonuses I would get from switching would be more HP. Also set bonuses are pretty weak because the set boosts str and cha instead of int and agi. I guess that can be useful for meeting the requirements for some weapons, though.

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tbh you are much better off with bear set, its cheap, its easy, and u get to have chance too!

sleet is a sad, sad set. I dont like it, and I've yet to find a setup that incorporates it well. the res is trash, the damage is trash, the stats are trash, the bonuses are trash. maybe you can find something WORKABLE, but it wont measure up to bear.

borealis is possible, but its a full omni set, and you would need a high crit turq and possibly an ap mage to really shine with it. my eca uses bore, and uses it well, however since it is an omni set, it wont fill your requirements, damage wise certainly.

however i still say bear... go int/cha/agi and be just like everyone else... they are that way for a reason.

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I'm currently a lvl 199 agi/int cra, and I find my setup to be quite nice.

I'm using full sleet, with tengu boots/cape, awmi, em/plum mount and a hail scepter.

This effectly gives you 640 int, 540 agi (700/600 with trophies), aswell as 1/2 with a +11 turq,

+3 range (which could be better with other sets, but for PvM its fine), 3600-3700 vit, 2.6k init and about +138 fire damage and +120 agi damage.

hits for about 500-600 on a crit with tormenting on 0% resists, which is quite nice, and anywhere from 650-960 with CC on 0% resists (which with an eni, xelor, or osa is 3 times a turn) and also hits 3 targets (staffs for the win!).

You could also switch out hail scepter and sleet set for a 12/5 set in PvP with tengu and fuchsia which hits quite a bit more (although you'd need a xa cape, and exo mages) but regardless, it's quite effective.

Anyways, I would highly suggest not going the run of the mill omni/bear build, as it's really overused, and I find I can do just about the same damage, and quite a bit more effective in PvM due to the higher states in the two.

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