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Chance cra… belt or no belt?

By mariachiaragoretti - SUBSCRIBER - March 05, 2014, 15:23:36

Hi everyone!

I'd like to hear your opinions about Targ Belt: would you use it on a full chance cra or not? And why?

Have a nice day! happy 

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I've got it on my chance/strength cra (level 184ish)

I don't use it all the time, but sometimes it's damn helpful. For example, Dreggon Dungeon, the room with all the mini-platforms. It's great in there, because otherwise Slow Down Arrow is pretty useless. In PvP too it can be useful when people think they can escape by going a bit further behind a wall, when you can just hit them diagonally.

Not sure I'd build a set around having it in, but I'd definitely get one and try to get a set which wouldn't suffer without a belt, if that makes sense.

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It makes perfect sense, thank you smile 

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Yes its a brilliant belt for mid levels. non linear slowdown is epic. I don't play anymore so I'll tell you where I trained solo from about 135-170ish.
Air and earth pandala. brilliant xp and almost all enemies are weak to water. not very often people go there so usually a lot of stars.

I have no clue what your level is so that may mean nothing to

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At lower levels, yes.
At 190~199, maybe.
At 200, probably not, unless you built a whole set/build around it. There're just too many good endgame equips to give up your belt slot.

Glacial Belt:
9% water res
9% air res
350 vitality
70 chance
50 wisdom
7mp reduction
500 initiative
20 water damage

Pure chance cras can't pass that up. 12 total MP reduction and 500 initiative (early bat's eye) is too good to sacrifice.
And there's danathor's belt for AP reduction and critical hits, if that's your angle. (AP set bonus too)

I think class equipment is good if you try utilise as much of it as you can. Lashing arrow costing 2AP is great if you have high MP reduction (Barbakle set all the way)

I would recommend targ belt for str/cha hybrids.

  1. Slow down arrow - Obvious benefits
  2. Destructive arrow - Not that important but still nice
  3. Lashing arrow - Lots of MP reduction
  4. Powerful shooting - We know power is better with high base damage attacks. Like ones you can charge. Such as punitive and atonement.
Barbakle helmet
Barbakle ring
barbakle boots
targ belt
treadfast amulet
head band
professor xa cape (you can sacrifice intelligence for sink)
professor xa shovel (you can sacrifice intelligence for sink)
emerald/ginger dragoturkey (if you can afford MP exo/vulbis, you can get an armoured dragoturkey)

Major powerhouse
cawwot dofus
ice dofus
crimson dofus
Maybe an MP reduction trophy or something?

This is a set I just designed which I think would utilise targ belt the most out of any build in the game.
Note: I would overmage power where possible.

This set has good mp reduction, range, power, charged attacks, and REALLY good initiative. Not what you asked for, but it's the best targ belt set (in my opinion).
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Thank you guys for your comments smile 

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