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Level 157 Intel/Agi Cra

By TrevThaBossMan - SUBSCRIBER - November 14, 2014, 23:34:58

Hello! I recently changed from Cha/Wis to Intel/Agi. I was wondering what was a good custom set to use. As of now I have:

Hat: Buck Hat
Cloak: Drhossil Cloak
Ring 1: Gelano (ap/mp)
Ring 2: Buck Hook
Belt: Drhossil Belt
Boots: Drhossil Boots
Amulet: Talisman Dalybotes
Weapon: Zoth Warrior Axe

This gives me around 300 in agility and intelligence and about 250 in %power (basically 550 in both stats), including my trophies of course Also have about +50 in fire and air damage. I feel like i still hit on the low side though and these stats are fairly low. So any help on a different set, or should i just stick to one of them until Tengu?

Thanks in advance!

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That's about as good a set as you can get until Tengu.

What are your Tormenting Arrow hits like? When you are using Bow Skill and/or Powerful Shooting it should be pretty strong.

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Well, this set give makes me 11/5 with jackanapes and 10/6 without ofc.

My Hits Unbuffed:

Tormenting 310~
Absorb 195~
Explosive 240~
Plaguing 150~
Magic 230~
Burning 275~
Retreat 220~

Buffed (Bow Skill and Powerful Shooting):
Tormenting 470~
Absorb 290~
Explosive 360~
Plaguing 230~
Magic 335~
Burning 390~
Retreat 330~

So, with being 10/6 I could do 2x Tormenting (620 damage total, 310 each) + Burning (275 cause I'd already be linear) = Totaling to 895 in one turn, counting on me getting linear.

Buffed with Powerful Shooting and Bow Skill, and still being 10/6 I could do 2x Tormenting (940 damage total, 470 each) + Burning (390) = Totaling to 1330, assuming I can get linear as well.

The flaw to this being if I cannot get linear. Then the max damage I could get unbuffed and being 11/5 instead of 10/6 would be 630 (2x Explosive + 1x Plaguing) and buffed being 950 (2x Explosive + Plaguing).

The damage with the Tormenting/Burning Combo seems awesome, but away from that I'd do nearly the same damage being Cha/Wis. I guess I'm just expecting my fire and air spells to do more damage respectively.

All these hits are portrayed on a target with 0% resists.


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