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INT Cra - Need Advice

By Woxy2 - SUBSCRIBER - November 23, 2015, 16:29:22

I'm a 102 Int Cra and these are my stats and my equipment at the moment:

I know the INT isn't great which is why I'd like to know what I could do differently? Maybe a Int mount? I have about 2mk to spend so bare that in mind biggrin 

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You should probably just level to a higher level, when you can equip some better set. If you're not too wealthy, it would be a waste of kamas to try and get a good int set going. I mean, it's possible, but very costly and very temporary.

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I played INT all the way to 200, but planned for the change to omni on my way.

Get a set picked out for in the 160-180 range, I forget what I used, it was a few years ago, but slowly acquire the pieces as you level so you don't spend it all at once. Also work on getting any dofus you may want to have at 200 whenever you can. I managed to tag along with higher level guildies and friends and had my ochre, cawwot, turq, and ice dofus before 200.

Once you have reached the next set, plan your 200 set and do the same thing. I went omni because Cra is pretty much made for it. You will need lots of spell point scrolls, so either kolo or find a way to make cash. You also want to make sure you get all the off character spells, soul capt, moon hammer, etc. as they frequently come in handy.

Ask people for advice, put your planned set in one of the sites and share it for others to help you with. I had so many people help with mine that it changed a gazillion times before I put it on. But it was well worth the effort, new eyes think of different things.

Good luck.

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