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Best Cra Build?

By Cast-Wa February 17, 2017, 09:09:36
I was thinking of an Int/Cha cra just to get the double AoE? I want a build for PVM only. Any idea?
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Int is wonderfull. Cheap and you get lots of high AoE damage.
Str has some nice damage/tarerget.
Cha is nice for the ap/mp reduction on the gear so I would go Cha/wis then(very powerfull in PvP as well)

Cha/Int is nice but you will miss out on mp and ap reduction on this hybride. A friend of mine plays it and I would go with my Cha/wis cra instead any time of the day.

At lvl 200 you could consider going Omni or hybride. But before that I would not advice it
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