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help first time cra

By hemsz#7590 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 29, 2017, 08:46:56

The thing is cra is the charcter ive decided to make my main
i kinda like the game mechanic of cra.
I am almost completely new to the game with my highest characters being a level 38 iop and huppermage so this cra wil be my main.
I would love help with skill points and characteristic points.
Also please suggest gear my friend runs a fogger so ill be going duo with him (he is strength btw).
Also I would love to have the whole experience of farming and crafting on my own so please be reasonable while suggesting gear XD.
Thanks in advance.
P.S im going int

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Hello Ksking

Firstly, great choice to main a cra, especially as a new comer to the game and on that note, welcome! biggrin

I would suggest you look into int cra, as it has nice ranged damaged, easy to use and build. I say this because your friend is str fogger, so some diversity in elements would be great when running dungeons as a duo team or just overall PvM. So good call on going int.

The skills you will need to max out and are of paramount importance are:
- Magic arrow
- Frozen arrow
- Burning arrow
- Explosive arrow

Secondary skills you should look at maxing out because they are the cra's buffs (can also buff others) include:
- Distant shooting
- Critical shooting
- Powerful shooting
- Bow skill

Other extremely useful skills are:
- Dispersing arrow (this is the class-specific skill, obtained through dopples)
- Lashing arrow
- Retreat arrow
- Bat's Eye

Later in the game, you can decide if you want to add more elements to your build, I would suggest either str/int, str/agi or int/agi - if you do this, you can look into the agility or strength spells to add onto your arson.

Characteristic points:

I would suggest 200 int and the rest into either vit or wis.
Personally, I put 100 into my main stat and the rest into wis, as it helps when leveling a low level character.
Many people nowadays run in full wis sets, leeching until endgame and then aim to gear themselves then but each to their own.

I hope this helps. smile
All the best and I hope you enjoy Dofus!

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Buff, shoot, run, run, shoot, shoot, buff, buff, shoot, run.

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