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Partner class for Cra???

By Emotoy - SUBSCRIBER - January 27, 2018, 23:12:31

Hello guys, i have big dilemma. I need partner class for my Omni Cra. 
I am thinking about these possibilities. 

Huppermage - I am afraid it will be so boring class, because it is just about damage (nothing special) 
Ouginak - I absolutely do not know this class
Panda - Int/Str build? It is good idea?
Enutrof - Good buffs but damage? 
Feca - same like Panda...Is Int/Str build viable?

So...I will be happy for every tip or advice, which choice might be the best! 
(Sorry for my bad english)

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well enu used to be the best partner for a cra, but now cras can reduce almost same amount of mp as enus so you might as well just make another cra specifically for mp red since cras also have way better support and pushback spells compared to enu.

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I've several omni cra friends who often call me up on hard, 200 dungeon duos.

Cra + Enu is one of the most effective long range combos, due to extreme versatility of both classes. Sure, you can say two Cras can do some work, but I'd rather have a whole lot more of utility than some more damage.

In short, Enu + Cra can keep the distant combat with little to no difficulty.

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Partial to enu partner. Above post is correct and I also point out that high enu prospecting means your team will meet prospecting locks for rare drops more easily.

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The best friend of a Cra is another Cra.. 'nuff said..

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