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Coming back need tips for type and gear

By kJustas9 - SUBSCRIBER - January 02, 2019, 15:28:40

Hello everyone,

I just recently remembered this game and I would like to play it again. Since its about 1-2 years I believe a lot of things have changed. At the moment I have 200 Cra but no gear. I need some tips for what type should I go if I mostly up to PvM maybe sometimes a little kolosium and of course for gear if possible to get few planner links to it. Budget up to ~40mk


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Are you playing solo? Most Cra's that I know of are at least duo element at max level. I think agi/int is very popular. Int is still very strong in PvM because of Explosive Arrow. Omni Cra's are also very viable but really expensive. Omni's also need more AP so you would want to be playing with at least one team member who can give you +ap in combat.

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