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Class Improvement - Cra

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - February 20, 2019, 17:58:13
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Overall, you feel that Cras are a very fun class to play. You also find the class to be very interesting in PvE for all elements except the air path.
Regarding PvP, you do not find the air and fire paths interesting or fun to play.

In the forums:
Regarding Cras, many of you mentioned the issue of the need for healing and AP reduction.
Score : 596
Personally I love playing Cra. I played Xelor for 10 yrs until it was made so difficult/complicated/dull. Telefrags ftl. Cra was my next choice and I personally don’t have a problem with the balance but I don’t PVP. In PVM/E I find things work just fine—a good balance of easy/hard challenges depending on the mob/boss. PVP seems to be the cause of most complaints here, not PVM. So take that into account, Ankama.

I have to say—having read through these comments—it’s seems like very few people have come to say what they like, only what they dislike. This feedback therefore is unbalanced and clearly biased.
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Score : 477
Most importantly, please don't change our look. I might seriously consider quitting if my Cra becomes like that ugly swole dude that's our class master in Astrub.
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Score : -90
air cra shoudl have more damges apsoptive aree should be 3 ap and heals to full  devouring arrow shoudl re palce another seppl than apssorptive and cra shoudl have mroe damegs to be palnced witrh otehr class as otehr class have to many mobility knwo tehy can get cra  enos srams and ougis should be nerfed in terms of thire mobility and masks in terms of thire summon that makes it imposiople for any one to kill them
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Score : -12
cras are under powered this days since u nerfed hsi ranges rape and his damges is under powered sadidas whcih has ultimate shileds and masks can hit as hard as he hits and from range to its not good for class liek cra to do   taht low damges and all class know have dashs and shileds and lots of atk so cra is uesless know u need to buff his damges heal and mp rape and lower the minmum raneg he coudl atk from and nerf other classes shiled and u should nerf ivory to so over powered
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Score : 7384
I am assuming you're only talking about PvP. A lot of players play this game for PvM, and I'm personally tired of PvP issues affecting PvM. For example, people who want ivory nerfed for PvP reasons. It is practically essential for many quest fights (try doing Ebony questline without it). So no, they absolutely better not nerf it. If they want to nerf it for PvP I don't care since I don't PvP. But as it currently works, they don't separate PvP from PvM.
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Score : 1
you r going to kill a class if you apply this
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Score : -90
chanse cra need improvement mainly in 2 spells assiling arrow should have curative as its secodn option and impolizing arrow should have posioned arrow as second option and it shoudl steal 2 mp this way chanse cras can ues asiling and imoplizing in same time and strikling should - ap when directly targting a traget and its damge chould be dopled when hit twice on a target and cras buff should all cost 0 ap to compensite for the elo huge damges which has no counter and pets eye should decress range for 3 turns as it uesd to be and should have more damges cras are masters of range and no one should be better in range 

air cra needs abuff pluging arrow shoudl be 25 to27 base damges with crit of 30 to35 bas damegs and shoudl cost only 2 ap devouring arrow shoudl apply errosion
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Score : -12
Since we have no survivability, cha path should get more dmgs output. Aging path should get erosion. Str path should get more dmgs as well, and fire path should get ret pa removed as well as a dmgs buff. 

Cra is weak af right now. 
it's painful as its a DD class... some class are doing everything a cra does but way better with way more survivability. 

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