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Comment on state of Cras and PvP

By Azaknami - SUBSCRIBER - May 21, 2019, 23:20:32
TL;DR: Cras suck at PvP and anything close range/defensive, I used to think since they are really OP in PvM and long range dmg it "balances out". But I think as time passed other classes catched up but Cras still have the same weaknesses as before. I think Cras need some defensive options, 1 spell that gives shield and 1 spell that has some sort of benefit in melee range would be really great.

Proof can be seen by the fact that everybody universally hates Cras in 3v3 kolo, people legit curse at me as soon as the game launches. And they have the hardest time in the melee/solo/quest PvM content, especially in the last few ones (Norrai fight and Chokao duo)


Boring Explanation:

I mainly PvM but last few weeks I have been playing some PvP for fun. There are couple things I want to discuss and I would like if other people (especially from different backgrounds) could comment on my thoughts.

1. Classes are not balanced in PvP :

There are obviously different types of PvP (solo, 3v3, 5v5) and balances change depending on the type. There are currently zero Cras in the top 100 of the 3v3 Kolossium ladder (vs. 19 Osas). I don't expect every class to be equally represented in each ladder, but I think no Cras really show something. I mean in some of my games people just start cursing at me and start killing each other from turn 1 as soon as they see that I am a Cra.

I knew Cras werent the best in PvP for a long time, but I always told myself at least Cras are god-like in PvM and it kinda balances it out, and since I am a mainly PvM player I should be happy. But...

2. Cras aren't the kings/queens of PvM anymore:

I believe Cras really peaked when the new shields first came out. With the Four-Leaf the full-crit set came out (Nomarow, Atcham, Treadfast) and Tormenting Arrow wasn't nerfed yet. Any MANY of the items and balance patches didn't exist yet. During this time Cras were really broken in PvM and they really outclassed all others. They clearly had weaknesses, but their pros were so stronger they outweighed the cons.

But ever since that point Cras lost some power (through nerfs) but more importantly, so many new items and patches happened that other classes catched up. I play eight classes myself and also watch other friends and people too, and I can clearly say in terms of damage other classes are just as good, while also having other bonuses.

The only real bonus Cras have left is their range, which is game-changing in some situations but not that critical. At least I can say that they don't justify their cons anymore. And also makes sense thematically.

Especially in the last PvM content I did Cras were actually one of the worst. Honorable mentions are: The final Norrai fight in the six out of six questline and duo achievement for Chokao Priestess. I literally had to custom make sets and spend countless hours to go through them. Maybe Ankama did this on purpose because for a long time the 508-idol-enu-and-cra meta really was everywhere, and I agree there should be content were Cras have a hard time. But honestly they need some spell variants for defensive/melee situations.
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I dont know if thats true, but Cras have had their fun for long enough, Cras have made every other class cry for the past couple years, its finally time everyone else has fun. So many people have ptsd from getting owned by Cras in pvp. Dont ruin it for the rest of us again. 

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17 cra's in 1vs1 duel top 100 though. Don't you think you just chose the 3vs3 because it strengthens the point you want to make? Cra's have enough aoe, too much reap (shouldn't have that much ap reap), too much dmg, more than enough escape and gravity spell, etc ... The only reason they don't do that well in 3vs3 is because of bad synergy with most classes. That doesn't mean they need a buff, on the contrary.
What could fix it is a new class that synergizes well with cra. Like something that can give a ranged dmg % buff or sth. But you don't want that as a buff on cra solo because it would be way overpowered.

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