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HELP - Cra 200 need to know how to get mass damage...

By GioMylian - SUBSCRIBER - December 04, 2019, 04:27:18

Hey All 
Im about starting 5th month i play my cra.
I love the character and im good in how to use it.
But still what i do no matter what i dont get any damage.
How can i solve that??

Gear that is on my Cra : 

Amulet: Paw Ouatnos Amulet                     Mount:  Crimson And Indigo Rhineetle
Ring1: Crocoring                                            Trophy's: Crimson dofus,Dokoko,Cawwot,Shaker,Major air carapace,                                                                                                                                                                         Major water Carapace
Ring2: Hairsch Bracelet
Hat: Levitrof headgear 
Cape: Indescribable Cape
Belt: Treadfast Belt
Boots: Treadfast Boots
Weapon: Stilted Shovel
Shield: Four leaf

Hope there is annyone that can explain me how to solve my problem!!!


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Check my stuff.

Edit: sry forgot that Ive put gear on other char
You can check it there:

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thx for sharing as well but this would be a challenge because of the dofusses but i thank you as well as much as shadow i appriciate the effort thx!!!!

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i would sey that u need to refresh your set.
most of cras what u can meet are glass cannon (like this one from Crakao post or close variations of it). This build is very effective in team and/or as long as cra doesnt get any dmg from mobs biggrin, next thing this set maybe expensive cos of dufuses and double exo.

But first of all i see u got cawwot, dokoko and carapaces, it basiclay 4 dead slots for cra. why is that?  cawot gives only wis which is more exp and ap/mp redu/res. at this point u are max lvl, there is no combat profit from omega lvls. about reap things trophys are more  efffective and u dont need it as long as u are not a reap build. 
Your set looks like "i wish to be omni, but also i wish to have nice survi in averg price set", i would sey its not best way for cra. Cra doesnt have any survi tools. You should focuse more on avoiding dmg than tanking it thats way caraps and dokok are pointless (ofc they may be usefull during duos or quest fights so dont sell it but during standard fights or stadard dungs run there is few better picks.)
so, this 4 slots cuted u off from tons of dmg
Next thing, there are 2 items which doesnt have sens here. this is stited shovel and cloak. I guess that u are using it to balance ress and get extra rang, but those items doesnt get influence on whole your build, only on this 2 asspeckts but it cost u dmg and %crit.chance

If i were u i would start from this changes:
-delete dokok, carps, cawots and set: turq, major vigur, major dynamo,  vigur/nomad
- delete cloak, set: talkasha claok
-delete weapon, set: Sepulchral Sceptre (check conditions, u should be able to break it by scroll and character points)
-change mount for:  boarhog, feanor, kywness

*u can change ammu for tread, then change belt for beelten, then change mount for plum and eme it maybe good idea aswell (crit and %chance, mp)

i think all of this will solve your problem for while. In long terms i would sugest u to save money for true end-game set, exo and geting dofuses. Also its worth to creat account on and there experiement with set and find your own build. Also pure build maybe worth to try, expl str is common around korri cras. in dofus all is up from u! gl!

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first of all thanks for the reply that is just what i needed a good explain on how i get my cra on good usefull gear so with all my heart thx for this reply i will use this for sure!!!!

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