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Returning player, require assistance

By dogiies - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 09, 2020, 10:06:33

Hi all, returning player here, last time i played was 2017 according to the dates i saw when i logged in biggrin

In need of guidance here, my current class is a lvl 151 str/int cra with this set and build

close to max stat soft oak, str maged gelano, dmg maged dreggon daggers, Golden seemyool

A lot has changed since i last played and i'm lost on where to start and what to do, i only currently have 2.5-3mk and with no means of getting more funds. 

Can use recommendations on any adjustments to my Cra, what professions/practices that i need to do to start making kamas, and any general info you guys can share with me to help.

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your set is not the best, but enought to do somethink so there is no point to change anythink. u should save money for later, lvl 19x will be enought to get pre-end set which shouldnt be very expensive and give u enought power to do endgame dungs (atleast some of them). ofc  u can chage it faster, prabbly around 170-180 lvl u can find something interasting. Also rush with set change is bad idea coz there was a lot of changes and u need time to see what build u like the most. the most cammon cra builds are: omni-crit (very expensive) then str  and 3rd is int i think.
before u buy set u should use u can creat there set and see all stats and dmg on spells without spending kamas.

about proffesion u should forget about crafting one (blue one in "j" tab), they need some invesment, only handymany is fine for soloplayer who just back. also hunter and alchemist is notbad idea.

what u should do? 
start your day from alamaxa
find guild and friends or even invite friends from real life (or make your own team)
u can start from character scroll, visit militias and look for bountys. (scroll wis first!)
u can do whole quests in astrub, u will get silver dofus, nothink special but u will rediscovery game once more biggrin and those quests are needed later.
u can start dofus quest lines (crimson, turq, eme, maybe ice and even ochre), u dont have to rush with them
make achievements, i will give u some $$ and its not bad way to fill your time in dofus
u can always get some exp by killing mobs, even endgame one in small groups. keep in mind that u can always sell drop wink

u can start saving money for sets, there is old topick about kamas making but still some of it is on time:
keep in mind that cra can also make korri souls and korri leaching both are profitable but need some practice and prabbly a bit higher lvl

Best of lack 

u dont have to rush with lvl, just enjoy game wink
if u fell like u need more dmg it might be good idea to focus on 1 element for now.  

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Thank you for your response, much appreciated!

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