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Comming back to game after a few years

By mrukaviRuks#6609 - SUBSCRIBER - December 29, 2020, 12:03:16

Hy to all!I have played Dofus a while ago, I would say 7-8 years ago and recently I have returned to the game.And guess what?! Everything changed, as far as I can see. So I'm struggling a bit with Cra build and I have a few questions which would help me a lot:

  1. My Cra is Int based LVL 98. So I'm concerned is the Int build the best build for Cra LVL 100? (I know it depends on do I prefer PvM or PvP and I mostly play PvE with a friend but also would like to enjoy some good PvP action occasionally when I play solo.)
  2. Best way to use characteristic points? Am I supposed to spend all my characteristic points to Int and try to scroll Vitality for example or spend points to Int till the cost of 3 points for 1 Int and then use my characteristic points to improve Vitality?
  3. Do I go for 11 AP / 6 MP / 6 Range at LVL 100?
Thank you in advance for your responses, also if there is someone who would like to help me with advice on equipment on LVL 100 I would be more than thankful. huh
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Hello! Glad to see you back wink

1. You can go whichever element you have fun most. I don't play cra but for PVP you would mostl likely around this level want to go strength because of punitive arrow or chance because of atonment arrow. You will unlock some great items soon like ancestral set/solomonk. High level cras for PVM go omni builds (all elements/power) because you can switch between these 2 arrows and monsters usually have high resistances for one element.
2. If you are subbed you can reset points as many times you want and scrolled stats don't go away so don't be afraid to try different things. Go for 300 intelligence and rest put into health, also overmaged vit gear helps a lot.
3. I would recommend go 11/6 but 6 range can be hard to achieve, also not sure if exos are necessary which can be expensive. Whatever build you are use Limbo wand + nomad/shaker.

Also because you are returning you may play Echo, but I would strongly recommend Ilyzalle server (monoaccount) if you want to find more people to play with.

See you in game!

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Thank you for your comment.
I did see that i can play with all elements to see which suit me the best due to the easy characteristics reset method but I'm not experienced enough to see which build could best balance between PvM and PvP.

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