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Dual element Cra - Str/Cha

By mrukaviRuks#6609 - SUBSCRIBER - January 24, 2021, 16:22:50

Hello everybody smile
I need a little bit of your help.
I'm currently level 115 strength Cra but I'm thinking of going dual element on level 120 because with pure Strength build I can use only 3 attacking spells and the problem is that Punitive Arrow has 2 turns cooldown and Conniving Arrow works only in team fights. Basically, I can only use Destructive Arrow until 2 turns cooldown for Punitive Arrow passes. 
Therefore, I got an idea of going dual element: Strength/Chance maybe?
I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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I first want to share with you that I really appreciate the fact that you are trying to choose elements based on the spells you like to play. As I mentioned it in a post earlier today, I think deciding of a second element is going to be based on the same reasoning. Here are a few questions that might help us help you smile

- Are you more focused on PvM, or PvP?
- What are the main spells you really like to play with?
- How do you envision your game play? For instance, do you like more to hit hard on one target, or grouping a few targets and hit them all together at once? (The previous question should give you hints to answer this question as well)

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