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[Guide] Intelligence Cra 1~100

By -Wosai-#5129 September 21, 2010, 15:07:21
My "Foreword":

When I wrote this guide almost half a year ago (September 21, 2010), I wrote it for level 1 to 90, however now I am giving myself an attempt to improve it, update it, and talk about what changes I made to my Cra. As I started this all over again with a new Intelligence Cra to the one I had half a year ago. There were a lot of modification made, that makes this new one differ from the previous one. I hope with my trials and errors of playing the Cra class time and time again can provide some hints and tips to help you in yours. In my guide, I have to ask you to forgive me for one thing which is I never like using shortcuts. I keep typing the full word every time (for example, Intelligence instead of Int,Statistics/Characteristics instead of Stats). My English is a second language and I am still learning, so there might be some grammar mistakes which I humbly ask you to correct me if you can. Well enough with my babbles and onto the guide.

I'm not an expert on the Cra class, though the current one I am playing is the 6th Intelligence Cra I ever played. I started the latest Cra 1 month ago and rushed through a lot with it compared to how I did things with my previous ones. This is also the first Intelligence Cra that I managed to level up to level 90 and now in my 130s. I am by far experienced with how this class and build works at end game levels, so someone else who’s experienced that part feel free to make contributions. My guide consists of using spells as the source of offense and I only talk about Player versus Monster. I have played this game with many other classes for years and I never enjoyed the Player versus Player aspect of it. In fact I hate it as it seems to gradually taking over the game, becoming more and more crucial and important that certain new features requires you to engage in this act to benefit. Also my guide is made in mind that you are a subscriber and can least dare to venture all over the Dofus world (I hope you have memorized most of the zaaps in Amakna and those on the Cania Plains).

If you like you can follow or take ideas from how I started off mine, and gradually improved it. By no means the data have I given here on items and such are to the same as those on the Dofus Wiki and they true statistic bonuses. I am only writing from the way I saw things. When I first started mine, I made it to be a supporting character since I had an Enutrof as a main character on the same account. Due to a struggle during an accident, I have now changed my mind and intend to level it further and make it my main character.

I am fully aware of the latest update with the Cra nerf, as someone on this thread kindly reminded me about it below. The Cra nerf was mainly affecting the Player versus Player aspect of this Class and does not affect the Player versus Monster so significantly that any changes need to be made as an Intelligence Cra. Though it is true spells like Frozen Arrow, Magic Arrow, Distant Shooting have been changed by the update, these spells are still crucial to this build and I believe they are still useful and worth it when leveled.

I have to say though, I had the investment of Kamas to start mine, which meant I scrolled a few characteristics, brought all the equipments I will be using until level 90 (which isn’t a bad idea since most of the items with their statistics have cost the same over the months past and it makes no difference if I waited). Basically I planned everything out, and know exactly where I'm going with it. It might end up different for different people and it depend on how much dedication you put in it. Whether or not you have a good luck on stumbling across good equipments in the markets of your Server and be able to buy them, as well as the amount of time you are willing to dedicate to leveling, some times in boring and un-fun times will determine how fast it might be to train your own Intelligence Cra.

I have split up the Spells and Weapons in separate section, and the equipments and leveling places put together under "How I Did It". Speaking of equipments in that section, they are written in italic while the leveling places and monsters are written underlined.

First I'd like to say that for this build all the spells you will ever truly need are Magic Arrow, Burning Arrow, Frozen Arrow, Explosive Arrow, Distant Shooting, Powerful Shooting, (possibly Cawwot), Dispersing Arrow/Release, Bow Skill (level 100 Cra spell), and possibly Critical Shooting (if you plan to use a weapon like Citrus Dagger later on). Until getting Explosive Arrow from how I look at it, learning Cawwot spell as soon as possible is a good choice. The Cra Class Spell Dispersing Arrow (though not to level 5, unless you have spare spell points) is also a useful spell to have. Some people tell me that they also level Retreat Arrow for the push back, but in my case I never bothered running away, and the use of Dispersing Arrow has always been to move the enemies in position for my offensive attacks. I have always kept on the offensive, and spammed my attacks constantly until the last enemy dropped dead.

Once you have reached level 60 or 90 and have become stronger, you might consider leveling the spell Soul Capture for souling monsters.

Since Cra spells are all relatively good and flexible, I didn't bother with using weapons for Close Combat. In fact, this build does not have any significantly good weapons in the early levels compared to other builds and other classes. The only notable weapon before level 100 is Fishing Bow. Though this bow requires you to be level 70 to use it, and it needs to be Intelligence maged to be effective. By the time you can use this bow, you are only 20 levels away from your last offensive spell.

In my case I did use a few for boosting Intelligence, starting with Small Fake Magic Staff which gives about 20~25 Intelligence. Some might use Powerful Intelligence Wand and get up to maximum of 26~30 Intelligence. After those two weapons, you might think about swapping to a Treechnid Root Bow which gives 1 AP at the expense of loosing Vitality (from -66 to -60, sometimes even higher which means they are the maged ones, which is a good thing), but gaining about 8~15 wisdom. The bow has a characteristic requirement of Agility over 28 and Strength over 10, which you either have to get those characteristics scrolled, use of equipments or invest some points into them.
After reaching level 60, I used the Excellent King’s Staff which gives 56~75 Intelligence at the expense of loosing about just as many statistic points in Strength, and a boost of about 30 Vitality. The Excellent King’s Staff is often maged with higher Intelligence that some can reach as much as 89 Intelligence.
With this staff, you can use it all the way to level 100 and a few levels after. By level 105, all Intelligence classes can start using the Limbo Wand which is a superb weapon that gives 1 AP, 1 MP, 1 Range, and about 20~40 in both Wisdom and Intelligence. By level 107, the first close combat weapon for this build becomes available, that being the Toy Hammer. Both weapons can be used for quite a long time (possible couple dozen levels after level 100) until you can find even better ones.

How I am doing it:
I've basically started off with a plain un-maged Adventurer Set, of course a wisdom maged full set would be even better. Getting a Fire Bwak, either maxed with Intelligence or boost it yourself over time, is a good idea for this build. Using it and investing all points in Wisdom (for a reason you'll see) and start leveling off both in Incarnam and on the beach outside of the Sand Dungeon. I stayed there for as long as I could until level 29, which by then I returned to Incarnam. There I got my characteristics a reset from the NPC Fairy Sette at the Inn, then dedicated all points I had at level 29 into Intelligence. I kept Adventurer Set all the way until late level 30s, by then I have been leveling at Porcos Territory on small groups of Piglets.

From level 38 as you probably know you can start wearing Prespic Set. Although it sounds a good set for the great wisdom you get, putting it all on will indeed hamper your damage output with Intelligence spells. At level 36, you can wear a Dora. I am not sure about what Doras' are like in your Server but if they are Intelligence maged to about 60~70, it will surely be a hat you want to look into. At around level 38, I was changing pieces of my adventurer set with other equipments belonging to no set such as Dora, Powerful Concentration Boots, Prespic Cloak, Itou Lascione Cape, Mental Ring (I was wearing 2 Mental Rings starting off after level 45, before I only had one beside the Adventurer Ring). This is also the time when you can boost up your AP with a Kam Assutra Amulet, which you may consider upgrading to Xelor's Amulet after level 52. If you by any chance happen to be using Frozen Arrow as a main spell, then the Prespic Set (no belt) mix with Bandit/Robber Set would be your choice. Now I was still grinding my levels away on the Piglets at Porcos Territory, with mobs of 3~4. (If you are tired of Piglets already and can't bare the suffering of grinding, try moving off to Lousy Pig Plain already for awhile though its best to stay put until after a bit later. Honestly when you compare both Pig areas, the Piglets provides with faster battles and better experience overall putting the time you invest into account). Fighting in both areas will cost you a lot of healing potions or bread, so have them prepared.

By level 43~52, I had considered boosting up my AP once again to obtain 8 AP in total for two strikes at Burning Arrow or Magic Arrow. To make it possible, I had a choice of using Treechelmet which gives 1 AP at the expense of loosing 1 MP, and provide a small buff on Vitality, or the Treechnid Root Bow (details written in the weapon section above).
With 8 AP and no changes made to the other equipments, you can moved off to Lousy Pig Plain (until level 55), Wabbit Island (until level 60). At level 45, in my latest development of an Intelligence Cra, I have found that Piglets, Lousy Pigs, nor Wabbits gave enough experience to satisfy my hunger for it compared to the time needed in fights against those monsters. Anew way I found was to start The New World Quest and travel to the Castaway Island for further leveling. Castaway Island is a good place to level until level 52, but by then it’s better to move on to Otomai Island’s Coral Beach. At the Coral Beach,chances of leveling depend on how much damage you can deal against the monsters on there. I strongly discourage you to fight Coralator until you have received Explosive Arrow or at a higher level than 52. Start off with one or two Craborals then move to bigger mob groups if you can kill them without loosing too much health points. It will be where you level until level 60 at least.

By level 60, a lot of changes happen, and I mean a lot of good things. First off, level 60 for a subscribed player means time to get a Dragoturkey/Mount. I mean at this level getting a Dragoturkey/Mount, if it be your first you'd want just a plain Orchid for the Intelligence boost. Once you reach higher levels and can afford it, you may consider getting a Plum/Orchid for battles,Turquoise/Orchid for battle/drop hunt, pure Turquoise for drop hunts, and/orGolden/Orchid for leveling. I think getting a Golden/Orchid dragoturkey for leveling isn’t worth it, as 25 wisdom is all the turkey can get. It is better to use a wisdom pet to use for leveling up with. Getting a mount means no longer using pets. It is your choice whether to use a Dragoturkey or a Pet. The only big difference is that if you tend to die a lot in fights, a Dragoturkey would be ideal as it doesn’t have any Health Points to loose compared to a Pet. Personally I see them as both a helper and a problem. I was very desperate to level so I brought a mount but didn't use mine until after level 90. I used a pet ever since level 1, that being a Pink Dragoone. Nowadays there are many other pets that provide Wisdom as well, such as the Minifoux, Snowfoux, and Golden Dragoone. As for equipments, it's time to upgrade those pieces with better Intelligence boosting ones. The ones I had in mind were Jelliboots (upgrade to a Feudala Geta by level 68), Jelleadgear (though a better headgear would be a Intelligence maged Royal Gobball Headgear), Jellibelt, Gelano, and Hooded Cloak. The 4 Jellix Set pieces combined together gave both an AP and MP, about +10~30Wisdom, +10~40 Prospecting, and +75~125 Intelligence, though without the hat and boot of the Jellix Set, the statistics won’t be the same. Royal Gobball Headgear is an ideal hat to have until after level 100, the one I had was maged with 85 Intelligence. The Hooded Cloak can give about +30~40 Intelligence, +10~15 Wisdom, and +20 or so Vitality.

With all the new improvements made to the character, it opened up a lot of new places for leveling, and I personally chose the following (while returning toold places such as The Cemetery, and the Wabbit Island occasionally): Fungi Masters on the Cania Plains, Otomai Island’s Coral Beach (fighting Palmflowers, and such), Treechnids in Treechnid Forest, the whole Gobball Dungeon, though you might need a 2nd helper or more Vitality if you want to run it all the way through.

The leveling between level 60 and 80 is considered the hardest of this easy build and class. There will be a lot of grinding as a solo player unless you have a group who is willing to level you up or run with you in Dungeons and numerous other places.

Between level 60 and 80, I leveled at Otomai Island’s Coral Beach fighting bigger groups of Palmflowers and Craborals. I also moved on to fighting Pandikaze, Pandit, and Pandulum on the Border of Aerdala. Some times I moved to fighting Kanigers, though they are hard to handle without a group for backup. When you reach level 80, things start to get easier again. The following places will also be where you will have to grind your level (possibly all the way up to 90, until Explosive Arrow).
The areas are: Dark Treechnid Forest, Cania Massif, Drunk Pandalette on both the Border of Terrdala, and Border of Akwadala. Also the Bworks in Bworks Village and Gisgoul: The Devastated Village.

Once you reach level 80 as I said leveling will be much easier, because it is time to make modifications to your equipments…again! At level 80, you have the full Royal Cherry Blop Set available and I strongly recommend that you get the full set. It will be a set that you can use for over 60 levels. Apart from the Royal Cherry Blop Set, it is also time to upgrade your Hooded Cloak with an Elya Wood’s Cloak. This cloak provides you with +Damage, Intelligence boost, as well as +2 Ranges which are why this cloak is recommended.

Now there are only 10 levels to go, you can level in any of the areas I mentioned already, though the best areas for this level are: Solo Gobball Dungeon, Otomai Island’s Coral Beach, and Gisgoul: The Devastated Village. With the Royal Cherry Blop Set, and the rest of your equipments and characteristics, (hopefully you have tried to scroll Wisdom) you should have enough wisdom to gain decent experience with. Soloing the mob group in the last room of Gobball Dungeon, either by the dungeon or with a soul can earn you around 400,000 experience points per fight, though the fight may take as long as 10 minutes. Coral Beach fights take slightly less time, and you get around 120,000 experience points for every fight of 3~5 minutes. Fighting Bworks in Gisgoul: the Devastated Village proves to be the fastest way to train at this level as each fight can earn you between 60,000 to 95,000 experience points. If you find yourself a few good maps, each fight can take no more than 2 minutes. I recommend Gisgoul: The Devastated Village over Bwork Village because the latter area barely got any groups of monsters with stars, thus provides lower experience when fighting them. It is strongly recommended that you complete challenges tothe best of your ability and find starred mob groups to find, as this will increase your chance of gaining more experience points and leveling up faster.

Once level 90 is reached, it will open up even more places to level, though you won’t be getting any more major equipment to upgrade until after level 100. There are so many things that await you. Now you can start leveling at Koalak Mountain, Kaliptus Forest, Enchanted Lake, Dark Treechnid Forest, and solo Gobball Dungeon in less than 7minutes. Also you can fight bigger groups of Kanigers on both the Cania Plains and the Cania Massif. One place which is most notable is the Bonta Sewers and Brakmar Sewers. Now with Explosive Arrow, you can solo any level group of monsters in the sewers for many levels and they provide great experience points for you time. The only monsters in the sewers you need to watch out for, are Sewer Keepers and Hyoactive Rats. Once you get over level 100 and have another equipment upgrade, you might be able to defeat groups in the sewers with Hyoactive Rats, but as for SewerKeepers, I would avoid them until you can find a group to kill them with.

A lot of people decide on using the Feudala Set, claiming that the set bonus provide something of great value to your overall statistics. For years I have read and heard about this, though I cannot find the hard fact as to how the set is so much of a big deal.The custom set I use with a mixture of Royal Cherry Blop Set, Excellent King’s Staff, Gelano, Elya Wood’s Cloak and Royal Gobball Headgear, provides more Intelligence than the Feudala Set put together. Though I admit the custom set I used, each piece were overmaged, so perhaps the Feudala set may provide to be a good alternative for those who aren’t as well funded as I was.

Keep leveling in the areas I mentioned and once you reach level 105, you can finally make a change to the weapon you use as well as the cape you use, if you can afford to and decide to. What is available to you at level 105 are the Limbo Wand and the Graytess Cape. The Limbo Wand is rather costly for a weapon that does not deal very good damage, though that isn’t the reason why you should be getting it if you can. The wand provides you with +1AP, +1 MP, Intelligence boost, Wisdom boost, and +1 Range, though you loose some Strength (about the same amount of Intelligence boost). You should also consider getting the Boogey Wand, for an alternative weapon. The Boogey Wand, you will not be using most of the time, but will be needed when you play in a group and the group lacks a healer.

Now you are above level 100, and one should really know where to go from here, so there isn't much to guide about. Though if you insist on enquiring, read on.

The areas I mentioned are capable of leveling you further into your 140s or even 150s; you may likely enjoy the next 20 levels, blowing up rats in the sewers, skewering koalaks in the mountains, lakes,and forests, burning up dark treechnids, and poach kanigers on the plains. Then after, you will start to feel a bit similar to when you were training between level 60 and 80. Everything start to feel like a grind again,as your wisdom may or may not keep up with the intense training you are doing,and seemingly provide less experience as time goes on, but truly it’s the requirement of experience points needed to level becomes higher and higher.

For equipment upgrade, you will have the following available to you as the respective levels:

Level 120 – Dora Bora:

+61~80 Strength,+41~60 Wisdom,+61~80 Intelligence, +6~15 Prospecting,+6~10 Damage,3~5% Resist air,3~5% Resist neutra,l 3~5% Resist earth

Level 125 – Nettlez:

+26~50 Intelligence,+151~200 Vitality,+21~35 Wisdom,-11~15 Prospecting,+5-7 Damage,+6~10% Resist fire,6~10% Resist air

The equipments you have by now and the leveling areas available to you are all you need to train further, for the next couple dozen levels. There are no more major equipment changes until you can wear the Full Soft Oak Set by level 145.

Soft Oak Set general statistics:

Hat(Equip-able level : 145) Soft Oak Hat:

+ 31~50 Strength, + 31~50 Intelligence,+ 6~10 Prospecting,+ 11~20% Damage,

+6~8 Damage, + 4~5 Heals, + 3~5 Critical hit,+ 201~250 Vitality,+ 21~30 Wisdom,+ 4~5% Resist Earth, + 4~5% Resist Fire

Cloak(Equip-able level : 142) Worn Soft Oak Cape :

+20~40 Strength, +20~40 Intelligence,+16-25 Wisdom,+201-250 Vitality,+4-6 Damage,+11-15 Prospecting,+5~7 Resist earth,+5~7 Resist fire,+4~6% Resist air,+4~6% Resist water, +4~6% Resistneutral

Amulet (Equip-able level : 138) Soft Oak Talisman :

+21~40 Intelligence, +21~40 Strength,+16~25 Wisdom,+151~200 Vitality,+6~10 Damage,+1 AP,+11~15 Prospecting,+5~8 Heals,+201~300 Initiative

Ring(Equip-able level : 139) Soft Oak Ring:

+21~30 Strength, +21~30 Intelligence,+16~25 Wisdom,+101~150 Vitality,+1~2 Critical hit,+6~10 Prospecting,+4~6 Damage,+4~6% Resist fire,+4~6% Resist earth, +4~6% Resistneutral

Belt(Equip-able level : 141) Autumnal Soft Oak G-String :

+26~40 Strength, +26~40 Intelligence,+151~200 Vitality,+11~20 Wisdom,+11~15 Prospecting,+3~4 Critical hit,+6~10 Damage,+3~4 Heals,+1 Range,+501~600 Pods,+101~200 Initiative,+6~10 Resist neutral, +6~10 Resist air

Boots(Equip-able level : 136) Soft Oak Flip-Flops :

+31~40 Intelligence, +31~40 Strength,+21~30 Wisdom,+151~200 Vitality,+6~10 Damage,+6~10% Damage,+1 MP,+6~10 Prospecting,+6~10 Resist neutral, +4~6% Resist fire,+4~6% Resist earth


That is all for this guide up this moment, I am currently almost at the level for Soft Oak Set, and I am quite sure there isn’t much left to guide for since Soft Oak Set will be enough for over 65 levels and there isn’t any more ideal leveling places for soloist, unless you train with a group. I am not sure whether Intelligence Cra can solo Black Rat Dungeon later on or not, but any other low to middle level dungeons, such as Smith and Skeleton Dungeons, can be soloed, I am sure.

I forgot to mention about Dofuses, which is something for each individual. If you have one, you have one. If you don't then you don't. Nothing much to be said, though I do recommend the usual combination I hear people say, which is by having both a Cawwot Dofus and Kaliptus Dofus. Of course there are other people with extra dofuses or some even with non other than a Dofawa. It's all depends on yourself, whether you can afford the time or money in getting them.
Now you have read my guide, so hopefully you can form your own plan soon that you can follow. Thanks for reading though, I hope I have help you at least a little in making your Intelligence Cra better.

All the best wishes,

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One thing: At lower levels, instead of going for pieces with high int/dmg, just get wis. Faster leveling > Bigger numbers. At that level, it won't make too much of a difference what you're wearing anyways.
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Stykuvv|2010-09-23 00:12:00
One thing: At lower levels, instead of going for pieces with high int/dmg, just get wis. Faster leveling > Bigger numbers. At that level, it won't make too much of a difference what you're wearing anyways.

Yeah, with the new characteristic reset at the Inn on Incarnam for any character before level 31, devoting all points into Wisdom until then is the idea. I don't think people would want to spend points in Wisdom thereafter. If they have the funds, might as well scroll wisdom. When it comes to scrolling, depend on class and build, some times its a priority to scroll one's main element first, some times the first thing to scroll is Wisdom.
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Nicely done and well written -Wosai-.

I hope you'll extend this as you continue levelling your int Cra.

I would strongly recommend the full Royal Cherry Blop set, which should carry you above 105 to the Vassal Set.
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lazaustin|2010-09-23 16:52:00
Nicely done and well written -Wosai-.

I hope you'll extend this as you continue levelling your int Cra.

I would strongly recommend the full Royal Cherry Blop set, which should carry you above 105 to the Vassal Set.

+1 smile
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-Wosai-|2010-11-11 12:02:17
Unfortunately due to lack of time to play so much, this guide will never been finished to level 200. Just a notification here, but the Cra I gave it up and focus on my major character instead. It was fun writing this, but guess I wasn't up to it to make it proper.

And after a rather lengthy break and a lot happened since November last year (Now: February 11, 2011, 01:14:54), I made another Cra, the 4th one in fact. All previous Cras were leveled to 50ish, then deleted due to lack of time and impatience.
@lazaustin: This time I'm sure I can get to 90, and possibly even further. So I'll see if I can make some adjustments/improvements to this thread in the future.[/quote]
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Thanks A lot ^^

I completely forgot about this guide due to the fact that you quit and I was just looking through the Cra forums and found this!

Hope you update it real soon!

Your Gamer, Blakk
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Yeah, I almost completely forgot about this thread, since it was lost way back in this section of the Forum.

I will be updating the Information as I came back a while ago. (Like 3 Months ago) And I did create a new Cra (4th as I mentioned in last post) of the same build and followed pretty much the same procedure of playing it as written in the first post of this thread.

Got a birthday party to attend to (mine! =D), so I'll do the updating when I get back.
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Great tongue

P.S. Happy Birthday
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It's your birthday? Happy birthday~!!!
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Thanks guys, for the wishes. I totally forgot about this Guide until I popped up in the search results when I was searching something else today. I really need to find time to update this. Perhaps tomorrow, yeah tomorrow sounds good, its Sunday.

EDIT: Guide Updated!

@Blakk-Shadow (Below)

Yes, I will be re-writing the guide with the nerf in mind. Thanks for the reminder though.

As for the spells, I leveled all the spells I mentioned in my guide. Every single one of those spells I mentioned, I use. Most of them I have and/or plan to level to 6. Currently, Magic, Frozen, Burning, Distant are all at level 6. The Cra nerf as I wrote, does not affect the Int Cra build very much, and if you just do PvM like I do (never go anywhere near PvP, & I have always stayed Neutral), the nerf is like nothing changed.
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Thats good! ^^

P.S. Can you also mention about the nerf that happened to Cras?

P.S.2 Lol, (If you get it then thats the reason why I said that...) Sorry for the hassle, but, can you specifically point out what spells you leveled step by step please?

Ok, thanks for that =D
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Anyone know if this is still good to use?
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MrFlamez|2011-07-17 02:23:40
Anyone know if this is still good to use?
Nothing about the intel build has really changed much, so it should be mostly still good.
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hye im new in build cra.. biggrin
im interested in int cra..
so i should leveling all this spell to 5..
at will be stronger cra for pvm n pvp??

Magic Arrow to 5
Burning Arrow to 5
Frozen Arrow to 5
Explosive Arrow to 5
Distant Shooting to 5
Powerful Shooting to 5
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Intel is average in PvP but it's a PvM monster once you get to 90 for Explosive Arrow.

I wouldn't level Frozen to 5. It's -2AP at all levels so all you get is some extra range and very little extra damage. Not worth the spell points IMO.

Definitely get Retreat and Dispersing to 5, for a range class these spells are invaluable to keep others away.

At later levels you might want to look at leveling up Lashing for the -MP and Bats Eye for the -range.
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Very helpful guide smile Many thanks smile

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Good to see a guide that doesnt promote leeching smile and good work on posting a guide! I would too, but im much too lazy! Kudos to you!
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Great guide, should be sticky.
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