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Lvl 80 Chance Cra Pvp Set

By Houdeani - SUBSCRIBER - November 11, 2010, 03:33:13

Hey guys, this is the current set I'm wearing:
~Royal Indigo Blop ring, amulet, boot, belt
~Salt n' Battery Cape

I want to pvp with my chance cra once I reach 80 and want your opinion on which headgear to wear. Here are the choices...
1. Caracap ---> Having 1 extra AP would allow me to cast 2x Slow Down Arrow
2. King Jellix's Crown ---> Alot of Vit and Initiative
3. Robbie Hoodie Cap ---> 3x Paralyzing Arrow on 1 target, -1 AP for Atonement Arrow

So what is your opinion? Also, which mount is better: emerald/ginger or indigo/almond? Cheers to anyone who can help!

Feel free to PM in game: Mochimaru, 72 chance cra on Solar. I like making new friends biggrin

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If you're gonna PvP you'll want all three.

Robbie Hoodie is a MUST for int sacriers.

Double Slowdown is super needed for those characters that'd be useless without the extra AP you steal.

King Jellix's Crown is crazy good against those agi cras who go before you.

I think going before an enemy is more important than having one extra MP, so indigo/almond.

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Wow! Thanks for the quick reply ^^

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No problem. Also if you can manage, get the Emerald/Ginger for those fights where the enemy goes first no matter what.

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