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190 agility sram set

By kiromanza#2711 - SUBSCRIBER - August 02, 2014, 20:35:40

Hi! I hope someone can help me to make set for my sram, because the old set is too bad for this level. It would be great if i have 1/2 Critical High (but i have spell which will give me 10 crits to this isn't the problem), 6MP and if it is possible ~4range. It would be great to have ~1200 agility or more without any ochre dofus or turquise dofus. 3000hp i think is good but if it is possible more, OK. The price of the equipment isn't problem (i will hunt the materials, soo i hope the set won't be too hard for hunting). I think 10AP is good, but i don't know what will be my weapon, so if it is possible to be 2con and 1 weapon, it will be great.
Thank you! smile 

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My sram is 199 and wears this gear atm:

- Klime's Belt
- Allister's Crown
- Klime's Cloak
- Allister's Boots
- Allister's Ring / Gelano -mp
- Battleflag Amulet
- Sunshade Staff

- Acrobat
- Major Acrobat
- Major Gymnast
- Major Air Destroyer
- Major Air Wrecker
- Emerald Dofus

Eme/ginger mount (300vit, 1mp)

- Vit - 3.7k - gear 2514
- Agi - 1210
129 fixed agi dmg

10 ap
6 mp
6 range

I like this setup alot and recommend it! Hope it helps smile 

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It is very good, but i wonder, can i switch the +20air dmg trophy, because i need resistance. If i can, what will be good to put in it?

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Depends on what res u need the most tho. But there are some nice trophies you can use.

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I can use crimson dofus, it isn't very hard to get. Also, did you use any spell pint scrolls to level up some spells? If yes, which spells. Did you put all characteristic points in agi or putted some in vitality too? With this set will i get ~20% res to all elements?

Also, can i change the normal acrobat for something better? What can it be? Cawwot dofus?

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