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199 sram Str/Agi

By kiromanza#2711 - SUBSCRIBER - August 02, 2014, 20:36:33

I need set with good agility and str good vitality range mp and ap, 1/2 crits with weapon(with the spell which gives crits is good enough) (i will hunt the mats so i hope the set won't be too hard for huning)

Thank you!

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Easy to hunt and decent set is:

Fuji Snowfoux Set
Battleflag Amulet
Bherbal Bherb Belt
Godswrath Daggers
Awmigawd Band

This will give you 10ap, 5mp, 4 range and is easy to get, you could replace herbal bherb belt with a broucey belt for an extra range and a twitcher for 6 range if u feel like you need it. The set also gives you a lot of initiative
You can add any mount on this set depending on if you want extra vit, range, 6mp, more res it's all your choice ^^

Good luck.

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Thank you very much smile i hope i will be glorious fighter

Are this trophies good for this build? major +100 agi/str and +60agi/str and emerald dofus and crimson dofus?

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Replace Bherb belt with broucey belt for 6 range, and don't use the 100str/Agi trophies cause of the -vit, use Air/earth destroyers(12dmg) Acrobat/Maniac(60str/agi) Crimson and Emerald.

u'd trade 100str and agi for 12str/Agi dmg and 400vit

(Also broucey/fuji/godswrath will give u 6 range no need for twitcher)

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