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SRAM build

By statickshoop02 - SUBSCRIBER - October 04, 2018, 06:40:58

Came back from a long break and now I have to get used to a lot of things like variant spells. I am a int/str sram and I am about to start getting my end game set. With the new free reset update is my chance to think about changing for a last time before I commit to buying an end game set which is not cheap. Any ideas for int/str build? I have AP/mp gelano, crimson, and ap mages bearbarian band. I'm going for a 12/6 if possible with AP mount (but can be any mount tho) and looking for the most resis for PvP as well! Not so worried about mp eduction.

Any help is appreciated!!!

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imo u should go for 11/6 with ochre so u still will be like 12/6 (coz of extra ap from ochre when u dont get hit wich is ezy on invis) and also u dont lose tons of stats. to get 12/6 from set u have to sacrifice a lot of stats wich makes it almost usless.. About pvp, what kind of it u prefer? 1vs1 or group one?
str/int build seems to be a trap build so im not sure if its fine in group but should be ok in 1 vs1
now the most popular builds are:
agi- coz agi sram can do some of end-game dungs alone biggrin and also poisons are still good in pvp cos they breaking thru sustains and other redu stats or even sacri.
str- he can hit super hard like 4.5k/tourn, with eni and even more,  with eni and ochre u can get direct combo for 6.1k!! (i dont counting traps, just direct dmg). i made set like this for friend ;D its like fking truck biggrin

anyway srams arent my best side so i dont mind if some1 correct me.

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I'm a level 46 Sram (solo player) focusing on strength but having serious trouble levelling up as I'm not strong enough to do lvl 20 dungs and defeat other monsters (except piwis, larva and snappers). Any help would be great smile

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go for king playa set for a strong fire/stre set for trapline 1 shot 

and amulet and belt rhinetle 

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