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Class Improvement - Sram

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - February 20, 2019, 17:58:21
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Cancer ! That's all I can say about this class... smile
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and you are a cra... xD 
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Came back to my character after ~10 year break. Started back in 2005, back when you could stab things and stay invisible (that changed while I played). Back when an enemy would trigger the trap if it stepped on the area of effect. Back when I was useful cancelling enemy invisibility. Back when I could use daggers 3 times a turn. I am trying to re-learn my character and am not even attempting PvP until I get to 200 with better gear. Maybe then I'll have a chance.
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im a sram and im telling you.. nerf the fucking male traps... we do 2,5k dmg each one in 5 vs 5. fuck off
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Not sure if this belongs here but...
My Double is no longer switching places with me when it expires.
Is it a bug or a intended change?

As for Sram improvements. I suggest removing the double/plotter from the turn list. Making it immune to the turn list.
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Kind reminder that Sram is so weak it is unplayable now.
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