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About the Sram changes..

By hemyani - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 25, 2019, 20:09:13

Yo where's my Sram people at?!cool I'm surprised no one is talking about the Sram changes that are currently in beta. I guess I'll start...

Short story, playing Sram will require actual thinking now. (AKA Sram is gonna be so bad)... (for the average player)

Long story, Some changes are actually pretty good! These include Miry trap and Fragmentation Trap both no longer requiring LoS, the ability to Contempt yourself (this is a big one). And most shockingly, a new 2 AP spell that can do anywhere from 10% erosion all the way to 30% (it can stack, and it IS possible to get over 100% erosion with this!). Sram seems op now eh? Well, no. 

                                          !~!~!~INVISIBILITY WILL GET NERFED~!~!~!

Now I dunno about the other Srams, but 2 turn on invisibility?... Our core spell!, our identity!... why Ankama?? I just can't anymore... 

I tested it for several days in beta, I thought about it all the time off game, and my conclusion is that it's a really big hit for Srams... Sure it has good synergy with the new Contempt and Double.. but... No. It just feels so wrong.

With the new Vulbis dofus quest, more and more people will be walking around with this sacred relic of olden times. Srams are probably the best class to abuse the passive effect on Vulbis dofus, but even then, that does not justify the absolute butchery that is the new proposed 2 turn invisibility!

What do you guys think? Did anyone figure out THE new best Sram build/strategy?

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yeah.. im really depressed about it. I feel like shit. pvp is the main way i play the game and the only reason i have a chance to do well and actually win is because of invisibility. Now not only is invisibility nerfed, but all our core damage is nerfed?? Pitfall? Lethal Attack wtf?? Sram never had a damage problem. If you wanna see a damage problem look at iop and eca. Pitfall is only good if traps are activated and even then the damage is barely as good as, if not still less than iop damage.. now u nerfed it? and then u nerfed invis too??? so what are we supposed to do.. walk around like dummies who do no damage and have no tools to not take damage.. now we are literally walking sacks of meat ready to be consumed. This is stupid. Jesus christ.. Iop already outdamage us AFTER jumping and running to us, then attacking.. now its gnna be 10x worse.. and why is it okay for Eca to reveal traps and do 1500 damage a turn, even at low level (500 x 3 bluff) but Sram getting a damage nerf.. wtf? I'm just soo frustrated and hurt, PvP is the main thing I do in this game and now I'm screwed.. i guess I'll change class or go chance now.. i dont even know tbh... what do you want us to do now? How do we catch up to cras and elios and xelor with only 1 bonus mp and shorter duration? How do we run away from sacs and ecas and iops and xelors with only 1 mp and shorter duration? Sram always has to play by being sneaky and running away and attacking after chipping people down.. u just nerfed the core mechanic to sram.. 

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While I agree with what your said, a few things are incorrect. First, repel trap is still in the beta (unless you mean the variation of repel trap which was kinda useless anyway). Second, pitfall changes are not really a nerf, it's a balance (2 ranks, the damage you do at lvl 200 with this spell is still the same). That being said, lethal attack nerf is... lethal to the Sram's health ... xd

This spell is designed to be a core dmg spell, it has no side effects, no range, just dmg... and they nerf it..?? yeah this one pissed me off tbh...

But many people are really excited to try out the new contempt+double combo... It's not fun to play against tbh.. we'll see how people react to it. I tried it in beta and it's really nice, but some classes can easily counter it ( Ougi with sniff...) What I don't understand is why a class like Sram is being nerfed while classes like cra and iop are expecting buffs....?????


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