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New Sram Changes... Yikes.

By hemyani - SUBSCRIBER - July 23, 2019, 14:36:55

Super old Sram veteran here.

I tested the Sram changes today in pvm and in 1v1 kolo. Overall, yes Sram got buffed.

However, I don't think the changes were done with any goal in mind. In my opinion, I believe that with every Sram change, Ankama is getting further and further away from the Assassin Archetype that the Sram should be.

Most notably, the arrangement of some class spells and their variations is poorly designed imo. Some examples are: 
Insidious Trap v Con ;
Repelling Trap
v Jinx; 
Malevolent Trap
v Epidemic;
Toxic Injection...

Very good examples of class spells and their variation arrangement are: 
Paralysing Trap v Mass Grave; 
Insidious Poison
v Toxines;
v Mist.

Finallyright now Sram is VERY bugged, sometimes to the point where spells/movement commands cannot be executed. My biggest concern is that these changes make Sram very buggy in general, and losing 1-2 turns in PvP/PvM because of glitches is very detrimental.

One more thing, the change to the spell Evasion makes it so so BAD. Becoming invisible after not being able to be pushed means that whoever is attacking can freely dodge and hit from a distance. To be honest, just revert Sram spells to what they used to be... every time Ankama touch Sram the result is so bad angry

I also really like the changes to Lethal Attack and Lethal Trap. In my opinion, all of the Sram's damage spells should have this effect! More damage on targets below 25% health sounds very assassin-like. I like it.

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yeah the bugs make it unplayable, I cant put repelling trap in my spell bar.. maybe something with the fact that I used to have the variant jinx and now im not high enough level for it, same with mistake (i used to have toxic injection) how am i supposed to pvp without repelling trap? im str sram

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I disagree with spell variants being completely messed up. They just reflect different playstyles and i like that. Also i have found only 1 bug so far so i guess i'm getting lucky... And also i don't understand how ankama is getting further away from the archetype. For an assasin mobility sounds crucial and we were given more of it WHILE hitting which seems very suitable to me. Overall i am very happy with these changes

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I understood the point. With invisibility and it's variant, you're changing the way invisibility works. For instance, if Double was a variant for Invisibility, that would make no sense, right? That's what he's talking about.

Every class has that kind of thing. For instance, Fury and Carnage on Sacrier are pretty similar. The xelor has that spell that takes -2 ap on actual turn, gives +2 ap in the next one. It's variant is +30% damage received, -30% damage received. It makes sense; same kind of spell, different playstyle.

Anyway, as you say, other classes have totally different spells as variants that fits another playstyle. The thing is, you don't just decide what to pick on most cases, but you're forced because of your build. 

Xelor is a good example.  Haziness and Conservation are situational, like Dial and Accomplice. It does not depend on your build but on the playstyle you want on that specific battle.

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I tested Trapster spell, its range buffes eternally, and doesn't goes down after using it.

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I can confirm that evasion is bugged. I get hit when im against wall, and i do take pb damage, and normal damage as intended, but when i do not get pushed against wall from an hit, i still take the normal damage and move backwards.

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