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Sram Leveling help

By RavenPhoenix - SUBSCRIBER - August 31, 2019, 18:21:17
I'm a level 46 Sram (solo player) focusing on strength but having serious trouble levelling up as I'm not strong enough to do lvl 20 dungs and defeat other monsters (except piwis, larva and snappers). Any help would be great smile
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Try to subscribe and then look for people who can help you succeed the dungeon by group.
It is really normal, everyone did start with your problem. But nice choice sram earth! wink

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i would sey that best way is get hunter proffesion and hunt on mobs who will drop meat to lvl up this proffesion. hunter can be very good for kamas biggrin
Another thing is equipmet. maybe u need to upgred it a bit. when u picking items dont forget about wisdom, this stats is connected with amount of exp which u gain after fight. more wis = more exp

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